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Caron Butler Scoring?  Check.  Hustle stats?  Check.  Year-over-year improvement since 2003?  You got it.

One of fantasy’s most underrated players over the last handful of years has finally made the jump into the first round.  Sure, his position isn’t exactly a rarity, but you can no longer turn a cheek at the production that we have seen, and continue to see from the man they call “Tough Juice.” 

Caron Butler, SF, Washington Wizards

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Elton BrandA long time ago, when I went to back to school in the fall, one of the assignments I always looked forward to was the “What you did over the summer” write up. It gave one the opportunity to recall the events and experiences of the past summer. Can you imagine if Elton Brand had to do a write-up for this past summer? It might read something like “…woke up one morning and decided to opt out of contract that would have paid me $16 million this season…looking for new long term contract with the Clippers…new PG Baron Davis joins Clippers and noted that he would like to ball with me…get a phone call from agent that Philadelphia 76ers are interested…decided the lure of Philly steak sandwiches was too much and sign with the 76ers for 5 years, $82 million …” Damn, what an eventful summer for Elton Brand?! It makes that family BBQ of mine look kind of boring. 


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Germany's Dirk Nowitzki
Well, the Chris Kaman German basketball experience has come and gone. Dirk has carried the torch for his country. Now the question is can he carry your fantasy team this coming season?

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Shawn Marion got his wish last season when he was traded to the Miami Heat. Marion felt he was not getting the spotlight he deserved in Phoenix playing in the shadows of Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire. In Miami, he’d be able to spread his wings and show his true talents. Well, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Let’s say that his fantasy performance last year in Miami was more like that of “Matrix Revolutions” and not like the original “Matrix” movie we loved in Phoenix. Not bad but not as good as the original.  Let’s take a peep what you can expect from the Matrix this season.

Shawn Marion Miami Heat

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Kevin Garnett
We have made some changes to the way we run our mock draft this year. First of all, we decided to put the focus on head-to-head league play. Secondly, although we continue to take turns making picks behind the scenes, we do not necessarily post articles on players that we picked. This way, we hope to at least have five new picks for review every week leading up to the start of the season.

Having said that, I paid extra attention to this slot in the order. This is where I will be drafting in my main league come October. Someone else made the pick, but this is someone I will have to seriously consider when I am on the clock.

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So the top three picks are pretty much no-brainers.  Nobody outside that trio should be considered to picked that high this year.  That said, a strong group follows them up, and in our mock, Amare Stoudemire was the lucky fourth.

With Injury concerns subsiding and a full summer of rest with no Olympics, he’s the safest big man pick on the board outside Kevin Garnett.  The reason I took him above KG is because of the dip we saw in his numbers in Beantown and the explosion of Amare post-Shaq.  Read on to see more.

The Fig Cap: One more shot at a title?  Suns fans are holding their breath…

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A lot can change in a year. Last year, who would have thought a humble Dropping Dimes writer would be tying the knot in 2008! Yours truly will be taking the plunge in the upcoming month. I am hoping I can finish all my fantasy football drafts before the wedding?! I digress. Last summer, the fantasy basketball world was debating whether Kobe Bryant or LeBron James should be taken with the first overall pick. Fast forward to this summer, and Chris Paul has entered into the fantasy fray of first overall pick considerations. When my turn came with the third pick, I was not completely surprised that Kobe dropped to me. Have a peep at what the defending regular season MVP has in store for the upcoming season.

Caption: Kobe Bryant holding MVP Award with daughters; Gianna (R) and Natalia (L).

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LeBron James #1

Here is where you can find links to each pick made in our 2008 mock draft. This year we decided to focus on making picks in a head-to-head league that uses the standard eight or nine categories (with turnovers being the ninth). Check back often as we aim to have new entries up on a regular basis.

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LeBron James It’s the time…
Of the season…

For the third annual DD Mock Draft.  The mock where the fellas over at this here blog will aim to bring you as many mock selections as possible before the start of the regular season.  But while other mock drafts will give you an entire round with little analysis with each selection, we here will give you one pick at a time.  With each pick, you’ll get the thoughts behind it as well as the up/down side to taking said player at each respective slot.

With that said…Let’s get into it.

Round 1, Pick 1: LeBron James, SF, CLE

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An unexpected turn of events led to this conclusion to our two-on-two tourney, an event that started at the end of the 2007-08 NBA regular season.

We have a three-way tie.

Now what?

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