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Brook LopezThanks to one heck of a performance during the most recent NCAA tournament, those on the East Coast became aware of a guy named Brook Lopez, and the things he could do with the basketball in the low post.  In a first round that will likely be littered with big men, it wouldn’t shock many if Lopez was the first center to come off of the board.  If not, he will not be too far behind fellow West-coaster, Kevin Love.

Current mock drafts have Lopez falling anywhere from third overall to Minnesota to possibly ninth overall to Charlotte.  If he falls anywhere past nine, it would be a steal for any team selecting towards the back end of the lottery.  But what would Lopez bring to the table in terms of fantasy production?

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Roy HibbertContinuing on with what will hopefully be a string of substance-filled draft prospects, I’m taking it upon myself to break down the hopefully-fruitful career of one Roy Hibbert.

It feels like Hibbert has been around for years simply because he didn’t leave early like many of his colleagues.  Jeff Green went on to have a solid second half in Seattle, but warranted only fantasy consideration in deeper leagues.  Many thought that Hibbert would warrant top-10 consideration had he come out last year.  Did another season at Georgetown help? 

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Joe J and Steve Nash

The Fig Cap: Hey, where are you watching the second round?

Man, do I have some big shoes to fill or what?  Pinch-hitting for Alvin today, I get to break down what could be two of the best match-ups we’ve seen thus far. 

While we get to see who won last week’s battles, this week brings us a few big-named bigs against two big-named guards as well as a match-up that features the recently crowned Rookie of the Year facing a former two-time MVP.  While you will likely be able guess at least two of the eight from these clues alone, let’s check out the rest of the field.

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NBA Ironman?The summer blockbuster season is almost upon us. NBA fans have already had a few blockbuster games in the playoffs; that double-overtime game between San Antonio and Phoenix was incredible.

In this retrospective article, we praise the players that played every single game, a luxury all fantasy owners know is few and far between. There are quite a few surprises on this list.

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(Editors Note: Apologies for the tardiness of this post.  While Brandon was punctual as usual, I’m late in pinch-hitting the posting of his piece.  Try saying that five times fast.)

Gilbert ArenasSo, next week is the first week of the league finals in most formats.  Hopefully you are still alive, and even more so, hopefully you’ve had fun this season.  For me personally, this was my best and most fulfilling fantasy season to date.  Take a long look at that roster, see what you can dump, see what you can move around, and take a look at who’s hot and who’s not, because these final two weeks are what it’s all about.  This week I’ll try and focus on guys who you may still be able to pick up.

Here’s next week’s slate of games (4/7-4/13):

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Al Horford 2x champSo the NBA schedules games on Christmas and Easter, but they always, always, ALWAYS avoid the night the NCAA crowns their Men’s Division I champion. Why? “One shining moment…”

Even the biggest NBA die-hards will check out college ball around this time of year. The tourney kicks off draft hype. With players like Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, Brandon Rush etc making it to the Final Four this year, it’s been an excellent time to check out these blue chip prospects. Tyler Hansbrough has been named Player of the Year in quite a few places, but most have his pro potential listed pretty low.

So with no NBA action scheduled for Monday, April 7th, it seems like a good time to reflect on the rookies.

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Jared Dudley

Cause I totally blew it with not getting up a Daily yesterday, I’m going extra big with tonight’s version. Please accept this humble offering with my sincere apologies and a pledge to do better next time. I suddenly feel like Tony Kornheiser. Um, yeah.

Anyway, a new name in fantasyland you’ll read about after the jump is this dude on the right, Jared Dudley. He now starts for Charlotte. He’s fun to watch. More importantly, his StatTracker line lighting up is fun to watch as well. Yeah, I know, but that’s what gets me excited these days.

The Fig Cap: I don’t have to wear warm-ups at the tip anymore!

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Jamario Moon

Despite the Raptors/Pistons game starting in the middle of the day, the moon was shining brightly. Jamario Moon that is. In case you’re late to the Moon party, the undrafted 27-year-old rookie has started the Raptors last eight games at small forward and his athletic play is getting him noticed. Yesterday, the 6-8 forward erupted for the best line of his brief NBA career with 15 points, 9 boards, 3 steals and 6 blocks in the matinee victory. More info abou this Good Moon Rising after the jump.

The Fig Cap: His vertical leap is beyond all measurement. Don’t question it!

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Kevin Durant - Fantasy BasketballHappy Thanksgiving everybody!  With four weeks nearly in the books, I thought it would be a good idea to review what this season’s freshman class has delivered our way thus far.

Rookies are usually the hype of all fantasy drafts, but unlike the other major fantasy sports, you’ll only have a select few that provide consistent value.  This season, the word “few” may even be stretching it.  Let’s dig in…

The Fig Cap:  Seattle is thankful for Kevin Durant.  Soon, Oklahoma City will be thankful for…Kevin Durant.

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Andrei Kirilenko… MAC

The Fig Cap: Milk is chillin’... I am chillin’... What more can I say, top billin’.

For those of you that were waiting for the return of Dwyane Wade, to a lesser degree, Ron Artest, and to an even lesser degree, Stephen Jackson, your patience will be rewarded this coming week with a full set of games for the week.  But before we get down with what individual players have been doing and could possibly continue to do, it’s time to peep the number of games each NBA team has going on in Week Four of the fantasy basketball season.

Also check out DroppingDimes.com’s Rankings for Week Four where we breakdown the top 20 players at each position!

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