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Mike Bibby

Alright the fiancée is in the next room… I have a confession to make… I have a man crush on Mike Bibby, okay let me clarify I have fantasy basketball man-crush. I am not attracted to his latte colored skin nor do I think his headband highlights the shape of his eyes. I just think that Bibby is a solid fantasy player. For the past three seasons, I have either drafted or traded for Mike Bibby in at least one of my fantasy basketball leagues. I can’t really pinpoint what started the infatuation.  Bibby is not a top five point guard. It could even be argued if Bibby is a top 10 point guard, heck, in our mock draft he was the 13th player taken that can be slotted in the PG spot!

Round 4, Pick 5: Mike Bibby, PG, Sacramento Kings

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The Fig Cap: Boom Dizzle My P-Nizzle!

Anyone remember Special Ed?  No, not as in classes, but as in the rapper from the late 80’s/early 90’s.  “I Got It Made,” “I’m The Magnificent,” “Come On, Let’s Move It.”  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Seriously, whenever I see Martin with his fresh cut fade, I always think of Special Ed.  To paraphrase Mars Blackmon, “It’s gotta be the cut.”  Anyway, the aforementioned three songs I mentioned all apply to Martin, appropriately enough.  He’s certainly got it made now after signing a five-year deal with the Sacramento Kings.  Martin has played magnificently when given the playing time (sorry, got to pop my collar right now knowing I called Martin’s crazy game when Peja Stojakovic was hurt a couple of seasons ago; although I’m still waiting for Francisco Garcia to get his well-deserved burn) as last season proved.  And now with his 2006-07 performance, he moves it (as in his draft stock) up all the way to the fourth round of this mock draft. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Special Kev.

Round 4, Pick 1: Kevin Martin, SG, Sacramento Kings

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Baron Davis and the confetti rainWith this roster comprised only of the Matrix and ‘Melo right now, a point guard is definitely the way to go. Before the Warriors knocked off the Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs, the haters were, well, hatin’ on Baron. Some people employ the strategy of avoiding Baron because of his injury history. But then Amare Stoudemire, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Elton Brand, Yao Ming, Pau Gasol, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, Carlos Boozer, and of course Marcus Camby have current or past injury woes, but that did not stop us from calling their names in this mock draft blog. How much success can you achieve by playing safe ball anyways? Now don’t get sweeped up by the hype of his playoff play, but the days of ignoring this guy are over.

Round 3, Pick 3: Baron Davis, PG, Golden State Warriors

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PF Elton Brand will not be patrolling the post for the Los Angeles Clippers till sometime 2008. Brand ruptured his left Achilles tendon on Friday during his daily workout. Brand is expected to undergo surgery in the next week.

The normal recovery time for an injury of this severity is usually a year which could force Brand to miss the entire 2007-2008 season. The Clippers have received preliminary medical reports that Brand will be sidelined for only 6 months which may mean he could return to action in February.

Elton Brand in the post

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Elton Brand, movie producerI wrote about Elton Brand last yearwhen he was the eighth pick of the first round. The Clippers did not do as well in 2006-07 which mostly explains why Elton was not in the fantasy limelight as much, but Brand Name did regain center eligibility the year. He must be feeling pretty comfortable about his game since he has time to be a movie producer and managed to get Batman i.e. Christian Bale to star in his movie.

Elton lost in a close vote to Paul Pierce in our one-on-one tourney but when it comes to fantasy hoops, the advertising trumps “The Truth” as Brand Name will be picked before Pierce in every draft out there.

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I’m not going to lie.  While the first five picks in hoops this year can likely be taken in any order, it gets a bit dicey towards the end of the first round.  This is one year that lacks a clear-cut choice at the top, which makes it that much better for those at the bottom who get to scoop up two top-15 players. 

Unfortunately, if you do land the eighth selection, you’ll have some decisions to make.  When selecting at the eighth spot, you’ve likely seen four big name forwards and a shooting guard taken.  Then it starts to get tricky like Run DMC.  Two point guards were just selected ahead of me, so I’m sensing that there’s going to be a decent run on big men.  This leaves me no choice but to lead the way and select:

Amare Stoudemire, PF/C, Phoenix Suns

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Steve NashSarge punked Nash a bit last year by digging up one ugly photo of the two-time MVP. You can relive that blog entry here. Disturbing news broke today that an NBA ref bet on games that he was officiating; allegations of point shaving are sure to arise. The integrity of the league has been threatened, and it would be an utter disaster if more than this official were found to be involved.

While David Stern wades through this fiasco, fantasy ballers can thankfully count on Nash’s production. He might have been ousted by Chris Bosh in our one-on-one tourney, and Bosh is still alive and has at match-up that finishes at the end of this week, but Nash is one of the few sure things in fantasy ball.

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Dirk Nowitzki MVP

Dirk Nowitzki followed a MVP season with a less than stellar performance in the playoffs. In this year’s playoffs, the Dallas Mavericks were facing elimination in Game 6 in Golden State, Dirk went 4-for-16 from the field and finished the game with a disappointing 14 points and 12 rebounds and no threes. The #1 seeded Mavs were eliminated by the 8th seed Golden State Warriors and Dirk Nowitzki was racked over the coals for his lack luster performance. The performance was almost as bad as his favorite German pop star, David Hasselhoff, drunk eating pizza off the kitchen floor. Fantasy ballers do not care too much what happens in the playoffs, it is the performance in the regular season that is important. 

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Shawn Marion, roto king
Dennis won our “experts” roto league this past season, and his team was fronted by the Matrix. It surprised me that he passed up on him here, but I can understand how the writer in him wanted to have the fun of writing about Kobe of no fixed address. You don’t need me to tell you that Shawn Marion is darn good in fantasy hoops. First round picks rarely win your league for you, but any AK-47 owner of the last couple of years will tell you they can sure lose them. Let’s take a look at what makes Marion a fantasy monster in this very early look towards the coming season.

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Kobe Bryant is excited!
Fig Cap: Kobe is REALLY excited that I chose him… and apparently the other dude too.

So, I’m watching The Professional starring Jean Reno and Natalie Portman as I write this… kick butt movie.  However, aside from the great action scenes and brilliant Gary Oldman performance, there just isn’t something right about the relationship between Leon and Mathilda.  But, you know what it’s just a movie and I love it no matter what.  I sort of feel the same about Kobe Bryant - despite any moral apprehension I might have, it’s just fantasy basketball and I love the stats that Bryant gives me. 

I guess this makes me a Kobephiliac.

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