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Knicks in disarraySo, I was trolling through the topics at The Fantasy Lounge Forums’ General NBA Talk section and found this topic asking how Isiah Thomas would do as the new New York Knicks head coach this upcoming season.  In it, someone I know (as much as one could know anyone through the internet, anyway) intimates that the Knicks will be better with Thomas than Larry Brown for various reasons, which is great.  Everyone has an opinion.  HOWEVER, he went on to say that Larry Brown stunk (he actually used a word more associated innocently with what peope do with lollipops) as a coach and that great coaches such as Phil Jackson adjusted their coaching style to fit the players’ strengths and cover their weaknesses.  Having played and watched basketball for over two decades, I was dumbstruck!  So, I started writing a long post, so long in fact I thought it should be an article.

And thus, here it is…

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DescriptionSo, a friend of mine always seems to bring up turnovers when considering drafting a player and while I can understand why (as it is one of the nine basic categories in fantasy basketball) I can’t help but to say the following:

Who cares.

No disrespect to my friend, as he does know his fantasy hoops, but I just don’t care so much about this business of turnovers.  I’m not saying to knowingly punt the category, but I am saying don’t care about it as much as you do points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, 3-pointers made, and the percentages when you draft.  Why you ask?

Let me give you my $0.10.

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Percentages. What was today’s stock price increase/decrease? How did you do on your math test? You are within the top percentage in your department in sales. Your company has met the percentage goal of their yearly targets. Where are you with the books? What are my chances of winning this poker hand? What are my chances with the blonde at the end of the bar? We are a society driven by percentages.

In fantasy basketball, the emphasis on the percentages has taken a back seat to the flashier stats like points, rebounds and assists. Depending on how your Roto or H2H league is set-up, the percentages could be the difference from being a champ or a chump.

In a mini-series of articles, I will discuss the following percentages; Field Goal, Free Throw and 3 Point. I am a big believer in picking the best player in the draft, however, if you were to decide between Player A vs. Player B and both players have similar stats, I will strongly consider the player that will help improve my team’s percentages. (Percentages used for this article are referenced from the ‘05-‘06 regular season.)

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