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Peja Stojakovic
Round 4, Pick 5 Peja Stojakovic, SF, New Orleans Hornets

Thanks Al for the write up on Stephon Marbury! Just wanted to give you another outlet to express your man-crush. Now it is my turn to write about my fiancée’s crush on Peja Stojakovic for Al’s team. Just proves to show that chicks dig the long ball.

Peja Stojakovic is one of the best shooters in the NBA. It is no fluke that he is the two-time All Star 3-Point Shooting Contest winner (’02-’03).  He sports a mean 5 o’clock shadow that is reminiscent of the cowboys in the old spaghetti westerns, so imagine Peja with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots with spurs, poncho, rifle, and a six shooter, and you know he could totally pull it off. In the off-season, Peja the gunslinger for hire was signed to 5-year $64 million contract with the Hornets to ride shotgun with Chris Paul. Peja and Chris can be the modern day Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid with Peja playing Butch and Chris playing the Sundance Kid…wait hang on. Chris Paul is not white. (Check out Sarge‘s color blind article) ;o)

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Description If anything, this pick shows how much debate can be had about the 10th pick in the first round.  After the top tier guys are taken, owners that land this draft slot can either take a Risk/Reward approach, or make a slight reach on a safer selection.  My decision came down to, do I think Andrei Kirilenko will play more than 60 games this year?  Is Yao Ming going to be 100%?  Can Allen Iverson keep up his warrior-type play, and still be there for me come playoffs? 

If any of these questions were answered with “maybe,” it isn’t something I’m willing to tag a first round draft pick on.  Since this is pretty much the case for all three of the aforementioned players, I’m going with talent, upside, and pure “studliness.”

Round 1, Pick 10: Chris Paul (PG-NO) 

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I believe in Chris Paul

I think Steve Nash is probably definitely the king of assists at this point and will be again, but don’t laugh about Chris Paul possibly taking the assists title in his sophomore campaign.

Nash has the horses to run the floor with him and great shooters that can stop and pop, as well as great penetrators that can take it to the house. And, obviously, Nash has great court vision, but he’s lucky to have the personnel that he does - namely Shawn Marion, Amare Stoudemire, and the perimeter player du annee. This past season it was Raja Bell and Leandro Barbosa; the previous season, Joe Johnson and Quentin Richardson.

Who did Paul have his rookie year?

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