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Happy belated new year! Yours truly is way overdue for a post. Drive safely if you leave in a snowy region today.

I took a peak at the standings in the paper today. The season has just passed the one-third mark and there are some intriguing playoff scenarios. Obviously a lot of ball still needs to be played, but check out the match-ups if the playoffs started today. Like last year, on paper the match-ups in the West sizzle, while the East still looks top-heavy.

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DescriptionI come to you not even 48 hours after my beloved Cavs have been bounced from the playoffs.  Paul Pierce, well played.  Cleveland supporting cast, I wish I could stay the same. There’s a reason that LeBron James is the only Cavalier in this tournament.  All I have to say is that Danny Ferry better get to work.

With that said, last week brought us a showcase of guard talent.  This week takes a slightly different twist, bringing us a truckload of big men.  While two of them are pictured to the right, there are a few more that will deserve some consideration. 

Let’s cut to the chase and get on with this week’s match-ups.

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Joe J and Steve Nash

The Fig Cap: Hey, where are you watching the second round?

Man, do I have some big shoes to fill or what?  Pinch-hitting for Alvin today, I get to break down what could be two of the best match-ups we’ve seen thus far. 

While we get to see who won last week’s battles, this week brings us a few big-named bigs against two big-named guards as well as a match-up that features the recently crowned Rookie of the Year facing a former two-time MVP.  While you will likely be able guess at least two of the eight from these clues alone, let’s check out the rest of the field.

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LeBron JamesThe GMs in my main league gathered last night for our first ever auction draft for our playoff pool. In years past, we would randomly set a draft order and pick players in a serpentine fashion. However that always seemed a bit unfair to the people drafting later in the order.

The auction draft was a blast. When did LBJ go and how much was the winning bid for him? Check out the draft results now.

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Chris Paul
If you need a fantasy fix because your playoffs draw near, feel free to check our playoff primers for the Western and Eastern conferences. Also see some science being dropped in the latest installment of Sarge’s Wire to Wire and Brandon’s Beyond the Arc. And if you have some extra idle time, you can think up all the different ways to interpret B’s Fig Cap.

For now we take a walk on the reality side to focus on the playoff races going on in the NBA. Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets have been surprisingly great all year; how deep into the playoffs will they go?

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Thank You, Henry Abbott

If you’re a fan of this web site, you’re likely a stat geek like the rest of us.  While the fantasy season is over for the majority of us, we owe a debt of gratitude to Henry Abbott over at TrueHoop (recently acquired by ESPN) who has put together six of the biggest Stat Heads out there (seven, if you count his mother).

David Berry (U Cal), John Hollinger (ESPN),Jeff Ma (ProTrade), and Justin Kubatko (Basketball-Reference) are only a few of them.

Click here for all of the information, including bios of all the players involved.

I know I’ll be heading there for each round as these guys are amazing.  Plus, they all pick the Cavaliers in either four or five games!  What!?  I’m biased, so what!

Enjoy, fellas…

Manu GinobiliRound 5, Pick 10: Manu Ginobili, SG, San Antonio Spurs

Fantasy offseasons are all about pegging breakout players from year-to-year.  After a stellar campaign two seasons ago, Manu Ginobili was seen going in the second and early third rounds last season.  This level of draft position left many owners disappointed after there was an unexpected drop in Ginobili’s minutes, to less than 30 a game (27.9).  This decrease in minutes attributed to a decrease across the board in nearly all fantasy categories… for the regular season.

Now, as we look at how Ginobili was used in the postseason, we saw an increase to 35 minutes a game against the Mavericks, including a foul-plagued 27 minute contest.  And how did he respond when given the floor time?

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Round 2, Pick 3: Steve Nash, PG, Phoenix Suns Description

While I’m not usually one to stockpile a certain category in fantasy basketball, I have no shame in locking one up within my first two selections.  How am I going to do that, you ask?  Well, kind reader, by adding 10.5 assists per game to my fantasy roster, which also includes a guy who could one day, be dropping double-digits on his own.  And while it disgruntles me as a fan to say it, the reigning two-time MVP will be a very nice fit on this fantasy roster.

With a guy that even Nelly Furtado finds time to rhyme about, there are only a few certain things in life.  Death, taxes, and Steve Nash assists.  Is there downside?  Sure there is.  However, it’s the promise, and the new hairstyle, that will have a welcomed home on this fantasy squad.

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