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LeBron driving past Chris KamanLBJ and his Cavs got the job done against the Washington Wizards in game one of their first round series. Confidence should be admired, but adding fuel to the fire against someone like LeBron seems like risky business. Just ask Chris Bosh’s girlfriend.

Let’s recap the opening two games and set up the two-on-two matches for the upcoming week.

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LeBron vs. Kobe It’s just a matter of time before the usual suspects roll out their year-end awards and mock draft first round predictions for next season. Obviously there is still much to be decided this season; namely head-to-head leagues are in the middle of the semi-final week, the playoff pictures in both the East and the West need to be decided, and an NCAA champ needs to be crowned.

So I figure Dropping Dimes might as well be the place to stay ahead of the curve and look at the candidates for the real and fantasy MVP. If we are looking for four players to make up a “Mount Rushmore” for the 2007-08 season, three players end up being no-brainer picks. The fourth? Well, read on.

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Ben Wallace - Fantasy BasketballWhat a week it has been.  Obviously, the Cleveland-Chicago-Seattle deal set the NBA ablaze last night.  I personally can’t wait for tonight’s Cavaliers game where they currently have six active players.  Seven if Anderson Varejao comes back early.  Eight if they let me suit up.  Either way, LeBron James could easily go for 50 points tonight, so keep an eye on the box score.

Everyone else?  There has defintely been some adjustments in certain player value over the past 24 hours.  Let’s see who’s stock is up, and who’s may not be as hot as it once was.

Fig Cap: Someone’s getting their headband back!

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I was fortunate enough to be about five rows back at last night’s Cavaliers game as they took on the Wizards.  While the game was a blowout, this meant we were handed a lot of Damon Jones

If you do one thing today, make sure it is a search for pictures from last night’s game as you’ll get to see Damon Jones’ new haircut.  While he can be seen here giving Nick Young the business, I’ll try to find a better angle.  It’s a sight to be seen.

With that said, someone tell me that Damon’s day job doesn’t involve playing the character Beetlejuice on the Howard Stern show…

Photographic proof after le jump…

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To send us to the weekend, I have to show you guys this video of Drew Gooden found over on ESPN.

Thanks to this clip, I know now the meaning of “Boss Up,” and that Drew rocks to Tears for Fears.  Have a good one, all.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas - Fantasy BasketballThe Fantasy Season lurks right around the corner
Will it finish like a nursery rhyme, say Little Jack Horner

Or will it be a nightmare, say Elm Street with Freddy
Especially with the Clippers, save Corey Maggette

Some players will break through, while others will be duds
Drafters will hunt for the former, like a bunch of Elmer Fudds

Some players are all GQ, like D Wade or Kobe
But this round, I’ll go UGLY and draft me Big Z!

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Larry HughesThere is no doubting that Larry Hughes’ career as a fantasy impact player reached it’s peak in 2004-05 during his final season on the Washington Wizards.  You can also point back to 2000-01 when Hughes put up 22.7 points per game on the Golden State Warriors, but the increase in all other stats including steals (league leading 2.9/game) and rebounds during the ‘04 season takest the proverbial cake.

Since heading to Cleveland, Hughes hasn’t exactly lived in the spotlight by playing along side LeBron James.  Brought to the Cavaliers to be the Pippen to LeBron’s Jordan, Hughes has barely kept his field goal percentage above 40%, his scoring has decreased year-over-year, and his free throw shooting has reached a career low.

The last team that needs this former 79.7% free throw shooter fluttering below 68% is the Cavaliers, so this offseason has brought one of the greatest free throw shooters in the history of the game in to Hughes’ life: Mark Price

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Dirk Nowitzki MVP

Dirk Nowitzki followed a MVP season with a less than stellar performance in the playoffs. In this year’s playoffs, the Dallas Mavericks were facing elimination in Game 6 in Golden State, Dirk went 4-for-16 from the field and finished the game with a disappointing 14 points and 12 rebounds and no threes. The #1 seeded Mavs were eliminated by the 8th seed Golden State Warriors and Dirk Nowitzki was racked over the coals for his lack luster performance. The performance was almost as bad as his favorite German pop star, David Hasselhoff, drunk eating pizza off the kitchen floor. Fantasy ballers do not care too much what happens in the playoffs, it is the performance in the regular season that is important. 

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LeBron James getting busy!

Round 1, Pick 1: LeBron James

The crew from Dropping Dimes is back this summer like the Transformers with another Fantasy Draft Blog! We promise not to change the draft blog too much from the original format, unlike Spielberg changing Soundwave for the Transformers movie. What is up with that?  This year we agreed on a writing rotation about our picks. The rotation will be Ron, Dennis, Alvin, and Sarge. And with the first overall pick and after watching the NBA playoffs this year my choice was easy - LeBron James.

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DescriptionNow, I know DroppingDimes.com is a fantasy hoops blog.  I just can’t help but direct you guys to Brian Windhorst’s blog post today.  For those of you that don’t know Windhorst, he’s one of the best beat writers in the league today - and thankfully, he covers the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

He’s so well respected that he’s frequently mentioned in Henry Abbott’s TrueHoop Blog, as well as Dan Steinberg’s Washington Post Blog (DC Sports Bog).  Why should you check out today’s post?  Well, he does a little “digging” if you will, and by “digging,” I mean simple math to show you how LeBron James got screwed out of the First Team All-NBA.

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