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Monday February 9, 2009 3:06 pm

Turning over a green leaf

Posted by Colleen McKie Categories: Advice, Health,


I am, in some cases, a true girly girl. I love beauty products. Lotions, lip glosses, body washes, perfumes, I love them all.  I had totes of them stored in my closet because I ran out of room. And I probably had enough to open up my own drugstore.

You’ll notice I said “I had”. I have recently started thinking long and hard about all of my beauty products, what was in them, and really what they meant to me. I knew I had way more than I needed, but I really liked having the option of scent and color on a daily basis. But after doing some research I soon discovered that maybe my beauty products weren’t all that healthy for me.

So I purged. And I purged big time. I got rid off a lot of stuff, some that I had forgotten that I even had! And if I didn’t know I had it, I obviously didn’t need it.

So now I’ve gone organic. Lotions, shampoo, make up. The whole nine yards. It wasn’t easy. For me, gone are the days when I would just pick up whatever was on sale. I have now become an avid label reader and on line shopper. I get excited when I discover a new company or product that is all organic.

I’ll be sharing tips and secrets to going organic and why you should. But don’t worry, I won’t be climbing up onto any soapboxes and preaching from the gospel of organic. I just want to let you in on some information and you can decide for yourself.



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