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Friday January 2, 2009 9:21 pm

Is (Really) Dark Nail Polish Appropriate for the Office?

OPI dark nail polishes This question came up over dinner last night with my longtime best friend. Since her career requires pretty no-nonsense work attire—suits and pumps, leave your creativity at the door—she was concerned that the inherent edginess of dark nail polish would seem unprofessional. My reply? Go for the look—but do it right. Below, three tips for pulling off winter’s moody polish trend…without offending your boss’s sensibilities.

1. Keep nails short and well-groomed. Go for a pretty oval shape, with nails not extending past the curve of your fingertips.
2. Dark polish should never look messy. If your application veers toward the shaky side, enlist the help of someone who boasts near-surgical precision.
3. When it comes to color, choose one that’s rich, with a hint of shimmer (not, in most cases, sparkle); a gold or pewter sheen adds sophistication, and is flattering on all skin tones.

My picks for the most luscious dark shades of the season? Try Dark New Skates, a dark, shimmery silver by OPI; Chanel Vendetta, a deep, sexy violent that’s the latest shade in the Le Vernis nail collection; Bewitching Bordeaux, a delicious milk chocolate by Revlon; Indian River Ruby, vampy, velvety, and organic by Nomiss Healthy Alternative Products; Dior Vernis in Mystic Violine, arguably similar to Indian River Ruby, but gorgeous enough to include here; and finally, Russian Navy by OPI.

You’ll note that there are no black polishes on this list, despite the slew of offerings by both luxury and drugstore brands. The reason is simple: I’m over black. It’s no longer goth, edgy, new, or trendy to me; besides, with the vast array of other dark and mysterious colors, why sell your digits short—at work or at play? Happy painting!



Stiletto Nail Designs Stiletto Nail Designs 10/7/14 7:54 am

Simple answer - yes, it is.


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