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Friday July 16, 2010 8:08 am

Why cheating is never okay

Posted by Ashley Drapkin Categories: Editorials, Relationships, Sex,

Cheating is never okay

Why do people think cheating is okay? I don’t get it. Cheating isn’t okay and never will be okay. If you are in a relationship with someone it’s because you are committing yourself to one person. Sure, being boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t mean you are married, but it is still a commitment, so why cheat? And if you are married, you especially shouldn’t cheat! Marriage is committing your life to one person and that’s how it should be. Obviously.

Lately everyone around me has cheated or been cheated on by a guy or girl. It doesn’t matter what their orientation is or their gender. Especially within my generation (early 20s), more people cheat than ever. If you are in a relationship you should not be cheating at all and if you are going to cheat that means you shouldn’t be with the person you are with. Makes sense, right? When you cheat it not only hurts the person you are cheating on, but the person you are cheating with as well. If neither one knows you have a girlfriend or boyfriend at the beginning when you start to cheat, one or the other always finds out and always get hurt.

Another thing I do not get is why do people lie about not having a boyfriend and girlfriend and then months later act like they told you months ago that they did? It honestly really doesn’t matter what your gender is anymore because both genders cheat and it makes it so hard for people to gain trust. I look back at the older generations, especially my parents’ and how everything is different compared to mine. When my parents were younger, people would actually go out on dates and go out with each other. My generation? It’s not even dating anymore.

People just don’t go out on dates anymore; they go home and sleep with the other person continuously and either that turns into a relationship or it turns into someone getting hurt. Dating has a completely different meaning now, which is why I think so many people cheat today. You get with someone because of physical chemistry and then in the end it turns out that’s all there is, so either the guy or girl goes and cheats for emotional chemistry or just because.

Everything has become so complicated with this generation and sometimes I wish I could have grown up in my parents’ generation just to see how it was like and how different everything really was.

So tell me what are your opinions on why people cheat and why people go into a committed relationship and then cheat? Also why do you think dating has become so completely different than years ago?



You are right girl! Cheating sucks.

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