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Wednesday November 28, 2007 7:19 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 190: How to Replace Your iPhone Battery

has locked down the battery, which means that once it can’t hold a charge, you need to send it in. If you’d rather just buy your own battery and replace it yourself, we’ve got your hookup. Nate and I got together to film this this tutorial, which shows how to replace your iPhone battery. Heck, even if you have decided that you will never open up your iPhone on your own, we think it’s still pretty cool to see the process - so just hit play, okay?

Oh, and just to be sure we’re all clear, we take absolutely no responsibility if you try and replicate what you see in our video and end up bricking or damaging your phone. Okay, happy viewing!

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Forum Discussion

Revive a waterlogged iPhone by drowning it in Rubbing Alcohol? Maaaaaaaaaan quit lying! Would you mind doing a follow up video, where we short the battery, and allow it to explode? ( safely of course )

The video is not live anymore /:). But i wouldn't try to mess with an IPhone if you still have warranty, the people at apple will be really pissed when you will send them the phone in pieces :))

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Nice video. Thanks the info, found it really helpful

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