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Saturday May 3, 2008 6:53 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 263: MacBook Pro RAM upgrade tutorial

In this episode, we show you how to install and upgrade the RAM in your MacBook Pro, in less than five minutes. In case you weren’t aware, the last couple generations of the notebook actually support up to 4GB of RAM. We are still trying to wrap our head around that number, because for a portable, that is insane. Even better, though, is the fact that this is such a cheap upgrade when you look at the very nice boost in performance it’ll net you in return. You can buy 2 2GB RAM chips for your MacBook Pro for just over $100 USD. Again, an easy way to get more performance out of your notebook at an inexpensive price.

Check out the video for the full tutorial. If you need to buy RAM for your MacBook Pro, hit up Crucial for a great deal.

A big thank you goes out to HP for sponsoring this episode.

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Forum Discussion

Great of you to show us that Piece of hardware from the inside. its FAcinating to have that kind of look, specially for a student like me. great work andru. Cheers! for Andru

I have installed ram on my desktop computer, and it was pretty simple. I went ahead and watched this video just to get an idea of how it would be on a laptop even though it is a mac, this looked pretty easy as well and I enjoyed the video.

I always enjoy the Bleeding Edge videos.. Can't get enough of them. I wasn't surprized as to how easy it was to change the RAM on a MacBook... Macs are the in the very tip top of the best computers out there.

Same as Chris, I'm addicted to the Bleeding Edge videos. They're all simply awesome. Another great job on the video! Again, seeing how easy it was to upgrade the RAM of a MacBook Pro was very surprising. Thanks for the video! - BoogerJay

Great job on the video Andru.though i don't have a Macbook but i'll let one of my friends know about it.He will be able to use this info better. Thanks for sharing . :)

Great piece of machine with 2.4 gig processor, as you said the screws are really small, its really hard to find those screws, U made this really easy, for the users of macbook pro.

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Great video, thanks is to simple.

Great video! thx!

Until recently I only had one gig of ram in my G4 mac. I added another gig of ram, my computers max, for only 40 bucks. Ram for an older computer is cheap. The boost in performance is well worth the price.
Max ‘em out people.

Man upgrading a MacBook Pro is easy as upgrading a Hard Drive in the Mac Pro.

Yea this was actually a very cheap (in price) upgrade.. you can use the RAM you just took out for another Mac laptop or.. eBayyyy! 😊

I have a question Andru do you have to re-glue the screws once you take them out?


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