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Thursday May 22, 2008 3:36 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 264: Install a hard drive in a Mac Pro

A quick and simple way to set up fast backups on your Mac Pro, or more storage for all those Bleeding Edge episodes you’ve been downloading, is to add in more hard drives. Thankfully, has made the upgrade path to accomplishing this super simple. In this episode, we show you the step-by-step process that is takes to install a new hard drive in your Mac Pro in under 5 minutes. All you need is a Mac Pro, a Philips screwdriver, and a SATA hard drive. Oh, and of course a few minutes of spare time. It really is that easy. Hit up the video for the proof, and let us know what you think.

A big thank you goes out to HP for sponsoring this episode.

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Forum Discussion

Though i have not used mac's but still from video its looks quite easy. You do a good job on those videos Andru. I have been seeing mac's on review sites. and internet but didn't have much money to buy a pc. The LOok of mac has always been awesome as compared to other similar ranging systems. But its more of a artist favouring device in my opinion than a gaming system. Though its powerful but its not as largely supported for a simple reason running on macintosh. But what M i talking. Gone were the days when people used to buy windows based system and used to neglect macs and linux. NOw the trends are changing , with internet at its heights people have started to now about different systems and devices. Use of linux. macintosh have increased over past 6 years. I hope it goes that well and This mac pro increases its sells. Thought I m a goner in macs but i have always liked the interface of macs. it has always been better than windows systems. And right it is, It was an apple computer that was the first device i used way back in 1992 when computer meant a special things kept in an AC room, used to run with a floppy and has a keyboard and a simple ball mouse. the old apples, i can't forget my Class 3rd(grade 3rd) when i used them . From that time macs and apple has come a lot way ahead making things big and interesting and powerful. I would try mac pro atleast ones.

Yeah you do do a good job on the videos. That did look quite easy to do. I dont suppose you would ever do a video on putting a hard in a regular computer or replacing one? I would love to learn how interchange all the parts in a computer, I love to learn things like that!!

Great Job at the videos! And great job to Nate at recording. I was actually a little surprized to see how effortless it was to install the HDD.. I mean I thought you'd have to AT LEAST connect one cable, but nope.. just slide in.. screw in a few screws and you are done. Awesome.

Another great video! The amount of effort that is needed to install the hard drive was surprising. Even though I don't own a Mac Pro... it's still cool! If I ever get a Mac Pro, I'd like to thank you guys for the video. :P - BoogerJay

As i said in a thread before, i'll let my friend Paul know about this.He has a Macbook Pro .Thanks for the nice video. :)

Andru, u made it really simple using a screw driver, a mac pro, hard drive Upgrading a ram and hard drive as u said is very easy Andru But i got a little bit confused with the four screws, and thank hp for sponsoring the show, and Andru, i will also keep by box plate open always, coz i ill be removing hard drive always, i think it is a quick tip andru.

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Man, if only it was that easy to upgrade the hard drives on all computers!  It’s hard to get the case off of my computer and then put it back together.  I haven’t ever tried it because it’s not built to be taken apart.  I wish I could do this with my PC!

I’m a big fan of apple. And the ease of use and ease of upgrading is the reason that I am a fan of apple. I have a G4 duo core and getting inside and doing many upgrades are as simple as this video makes it look.

looks easy enough, is it even easier with a PC? there no wires to connect, that Computer is one nice rig.

ya its more easy than greasy, otherwise with other devices, hands get dirty. lol. But this video is for those who have macs , Unfortunately i have not.

It’s like the HP Blackbird, how you can simply get a SATA hard drive and stick into the slot. This requires a little bit of screwing. All cases/computers should have this feature!

Wow, that was way less than 5 minutes, more like at 2:32 in it was finished (and thats including the intro)!  I was always under the impression that Macs were a lot harder to upgrade than PCs (and less customizable) but I was just proven wrong…


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