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Thursday January 17, 2008 4:33 pm

CES 2008 Video: HP’s Kevin Wentzel on HP TX-2000, Artist Edition, HP Imprint

HP’s Kevin Wentzel gives us a look at the and MTV Take Action Make Art winning notebook design, as well as a first-look at the TX-2000 tablet, during . Kevin goes into the HP Imprint process, which is how they get their notebook finishes looking completely fantastic. He also goes into the different specifications that you can get on the new HP notebook computers, which can really be powerhouses if you need them to be. We can expect to see the Artist Edition available this Spring, which will be a limited run. Definitely a collector’s item. Check the video for the full scoop on the latest on HP notebooks.

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Forum Discussion

Yes HP notebooks are power houses especially the Dragon, that is one power house. This computer sounds pretty good though even though others have alreay come out that are better, doesnt hurt to keep learning though. That is a cool design. And that it wont wear off that is good. I am glad they started to come out with ones with designs catches someones eye better that way. That one has a dragon on it..lol. thats cool and its not even the dragon notebook. Wow it has design everywhere very cool looking laptop. I am more immpressed with the design then anything else.

Lol please check the date of the creation of the thread before posting.And yes, Tx2000 is a great tablet.the reviews are on the net everywhere & all are saying only good things about it.

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