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Tuesday January 15, 2008 4:39 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 207: Asus Eee PC RAM Upgrade

The Eee PC is an amazing little wonder of a device. However, unless you buy the 8G version, your little Linux mobile laptop isn’t fully powered. Luckily, getting inside the Eee PC is not much of a challenge at all, and adding in some extra RAM typically works nicely for any computer user. In this episode, Nate True show us how to upgrade the RAM in the Eee PC. All you need is a tiny Philips screwdriver, a 1 or 2 GB RAM module, an Eee PC, and a few minutes of time. Check out the video for the full details, and let us know how it goes if you try it out. Remember, we will have more Eee PC tips and hacks for you soon.

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Hey guys. Very nice. Just got my Eee PC and without your help, I wouldn’t have had the first clue how to install the memory chip I got with it. Thanks!

Hi…great video and very appreciated.  I am thinking of purchasing the asus eec HE 280, which has 1 gig of ram upgradeable to 2.  Thing is, the site offers an extra gig for $30 which is a deal (specially since I could install it myself now), but does that mean it would be useless….that I would have to have the 2 gig in one module?  Maybe this is a question for asus so I apologize if I’m asking a dumb question.  I have no clue if it will be the 4 or 8 gig.  Do you have any knowledge of this anyone?
Thanks, Carol 😊
For the record, I looked online at Cherows.com and have decided against saving approx. $150 as I truly fear it is a scam.


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