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Monday February 25, 2008 2:30 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 259: Reactrix WAVEscape 3D vision system

Have you ever wanted to play your without having to have that pesky Wiimote in your hand? Reactrix hopes that their WAVEscape product might come close to providing that experience. We got a look at it during .

The WAVEscape contains a camera that can track the motion of multiple people, distinguishing each person individually. Everyone can use “natural” motion to interact with different things on the screen, including games.

Now, we aren’t sure when, if ever, the WAVEscape technology will be available in the home. It is more designed as a cool diversion that can be used commercially. It’s all about the “engaging advertising experience” - you know, punch the panda and maybe get a coupon?

WAVEscape is the brainchild of Reactriz and TYZX. They plan on having over 100 of these out and about by the end of the year.

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Forum Discussion

I unfortunately don't have a Wii just yet, but after watching this, and with all the researching I've been doing, I would like to get one. the WAVEscape would be a great addition to the Wii console. I know they have similar motion detectors for other gaming platforms, but this is by far the best I've seen yet.

I dont own a Wii but my nephew does and I have played it with him. I like the Wii but the idea of not having that remote in your hand and its just you moving is great. I think this product when it becomes more known will make alot of money and is gonna be alot of fun!

Wii is quite a fun to play I have played it once in a mall in my country. Wavescape would be a great addition to wii assests. I love playing games with my nephew. wii specific games more like. with that remote and stick. lovely piece of hardware. It will need sometime to catchup with audience.

Ya peter is not a character i think, as he said, 1080i resolution is really great and its relly small, i always wanted these things but i don't.

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Wow!  Next time I am traveling I think I’ll stay at the Hilton so I can see how this works in real person!  I can just imagine personal gaming like this in the future, where you are the controller


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