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Friday February 1, 2008 7:01 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 249: WowWee Alive robot animals, Tribot, Rovio, and Bladestar

Among their plasticky robotic things, WowWee introduced their new Alive line of cubs.  The panda, white tiger, polar bear and lion cubs are actually articulated robots with sensors that detect the angle at which they are being held and where they are being touched.  The Alive Cubs will be available this Spring at an MSRP of $59.

On the plasticky side of things, in addition to the Mr. Personality robot just released, WowWee has three robots on deck: the Tribot, the Rovio, and the Bladestar.  The Tribot is a remote controlled, 3-wheeled robot which features an alarm clock and can move in almost any direction.  Tribot will be available this spring for an estimated $99.  The Rovio is a roving robotic video and audio recorder which can be controlled remotely through its own website.  The website also broadcasts Rovio‚Äôs video and audio feeds.  Rovio will be available in the fourth quarter of 2008 for an estimated $299.  The Bladestar is the next generation Dragonfly - a super capacitor powers the wings, and an infrared signal bounces off obstacles (walls, ceilings, exceptionally large headed friends) to make sure Bladestar stays on an unobstructed flight path.  Bladestar will be available in February for an estimated $49.

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Gallery: Bleeding Edge TV 249: WowWee Alive robot animals, Tribot, Rovio, and Bladestar


Forum Discussion

I like the Alive cubs. I am guessing that they are a more articulated version of the Furreal line of pets (of which I am a proud owner of 3). The Alive line looks like they are more sensitive, and more 'real' than the Furreal pets, as well as more interactive. I haven't seen any in my area just yet, but I will be sure to keep an eye out for them. ( I especially liked the white tiger and the panda. As far as the other robotics go, I'm not really interested, even though I can see that the technology has come a long way since Furby's, the orgional (i think) robotic toys.

I really enjoyed those two things. I think I liked the robot the best about the alarm. What if they get out of the bed and throw it accross the room? maybe you should think of wall proofing when adding an alarm on those things...lol. They were cute though if I had the money I would get one of each, my favorite was the robot though...lol.

Interesting little robots, nice them to have a alarm in case hour watches go bad. lol. its the only piece of device i band my hand on.

I liked the wheels of the red robo, i mean it moving side without turning the angle of those wheels and also i liked the rover, I wouild always wanted to build the one like that bladestar.

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