On Gear Live: Apple Changes the Mac Forever, iOS 14, and more w/ Guest Mark Gurman!

Tuesday March 28, 2006 4:50 am

The Bleeding Edge 007: PlayStation 3, MacBook Pro vs PowerMac, 802.11n

Gear Live Bleeding EdgeThis week we go over PlayStation 3 news, 802.11n, and put the MacBook Pro against the Dual G5 PowerMac:

PlayStation 3 News
802.11n Interference
Windows XP On Intel iMac

MacBook Pro vs Dual G5 PowerMac

Archos AV700
Vaja Choice 5G and nano Cases

Make My Day DVD Interview: Enter contest here.

Don’t forget - in Episode 005, we told you about two giveaways we are doing on the show. If you didn’t see it, go download it to find out how you can enter to win an Xbox 360. Also, we have the results of the OHSO giveaway.

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Length: 30:58

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Forum Discussion

I really like it so far. I have been watching all of them when they release. It could really be a competitor for diggnation podcast

I like the overall show. I watch every new release. The only issue that I have with it is that when i download it, i dont do all the apple mac stuff so i cant podcast it or anything like that and the best method is the divx version but the resolution is very low. could you have a higher res download? or do you guys not have the space for it. maybe a zip? keep up the good work.

Another fun show. Only thing that was kind of annoying was the music volume in parts. It's a nice addition but was kind of hard to hear you (andru) talking in parts with the music. Maybe I am just getting too old lol. Loved the Nate part :). Vaja should change their motto to something like, "we won't let you f up your own stuff" lol. I also personally really like the cheesy bloopers/messups and think it makes it more fun to watch. Please continue to keep those in there or at least at the end rather than cleaning everything up. There are way too many other shows that take themselves way too serious for their own good and it's refreshing to watch The Bleeding Edge where you guys can laugh at yourselves too. Congrats to the OHSO winners! Those things look pretty damn cool and I forgot to enter lol. But hopefully that gives me better luck for the xbox giveaway heheh. BTW Andru, awesome to hear they (textpayme) are stopping by for the show. I am really pulling for them and hope their service takes off...even though paypal seems determined to steal their thunder.

Not a bad show, I like how yall kept the show fun but professional. I agree with Scilynt the music volume was a bit odd during parts of the show, but overall the show rocked.

Make sparky into a borg from startrek, and lets see more of your camera people.

actually make him into a borg then make him talk like one then he can say "we are the bleeding edge, dignation is futile, and other videocasts, Ive got a laserpointer, and IM SHINING IT AT THE CAMERA" Im serious, if you do that I will tell so many of my friends to watch, plus it would be cool to see how you make him look like a borg, I bet jesse and nate could do it.

LOL! I knew I won the minute Sparky and his Powerbook "beamed onto the set"! The music was an interesting touch, but maybe turn it down a little bit next episode if you plan to keep it. (This is just a general comment and not another contest entry...want to give the other listeners a chance to win)

how did you guys do that beaming thing? I thought that was some expensive effect?

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