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Wednesday September 19, 2007 2:14 pm

Bleeding Edge TV 184: HP Blackbird 002 Inside Look

A few days ago we mentioned that we had some cool video content coming to you by way of . Time to deliver. In this episode, we speak with HP’s Phil McKinney, the main man behind the . If you haven’t heard, the Blackbird 002 is a project that HP has spent a long time on, and with great purpose - this is the PC to get if you are a big hardcore PC gamer. In an unconventional move, HP did away with the proprietary parts, and instead focused on what exactly it was that gamers wanted out of a PC. This thing is configurable to no end, inside and out. You can even get it with water-cooling on both the CPU and GPU. As you can tell, a lot of this is the result of HP and Voodoo PC coming together. Rather than continue blathering on about it, we will let the video do the talking. Enjoy the footage, and stay tuned for more from the event.

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Forum Discussion

Not too bad a price for the most basic model they've got on their site. I could build an almost identical machine for about $500 less. Though that's to be expected from any pre-built high-end gaming PC's I suppose. I really like the sounds of the easy modifications to the hardware. Making it so the enthusiasts can modify is an excellent idea and I'm glad they're taking it up. Then again I've got no idea what Alienware's (Or any other gaming PC brands) stance or ease of changing hardware is. Perfect for the enthusiast, I'd say. I mean, personally I find two SLI'd 8800GTX Ultras combined with the Intel Quad Core QX6850 horribly overpowered. Either way, good coverage. Much enjoyed.

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Thank you for the video. I went and bought it.


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