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Wednesday May 24, 2006 11:53 pm

Unboxing the Samsung Q1 UMPC - too exciting and new for pics yet

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R. Wildman over at UMPC Weekly got his hands on a new Samsung Q1 UMPC. No pics yet, but he describes his Unboxing experience:

Let’s talk briefly about the “unboxing”. This is apparently a big thing to some. To be honest, as I began the unboxing, I was overwhelmed. I must say that Samsung did an amazing job in packaging this system. The packaging is gorgeous! Heck, the box weighs more than the actual computer! I plan to post some pictures of the unboxing. Look for them in the next day or so. I would have posted them tonight, but as you will see, I have been busy.

Looking forward to the pics!

Kevin Tofel over at jkontherun is expecting delivery of his Q1 tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll be treated to photos and maybe even video of his Unboxing Ceremony, in true Kevin style. 😊

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