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Monday December 8, 2008 1:20 pm

Beats by Dr. Dre Tour earbuds unboxing gallery

VellVett performing at the 2014 Gear Live Holiday Bash

So, by now you know we are big fans of the headphones, as we’ve talked about them quite extensively. The over-the-ear cans are just very good, and we also appreciate the look. Up next for the line, though, are the Beats Tour edition. The difference? While the Beats Studio headphones went over the ear, the Beats Tour headphones are actually earbuds, meant to go in your ear (obviously.) We’ve got a pair of the new Beats Tour headphones here, and we are putting them to the test. We’ll hit you with a review in a bit, but for now, we’ve snapped a bunch of photos to show them off. Check them out in our Beats Tour unboxing gallery.

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The HeadPhones look nice as a matter of fact they look better then the SkullCandy HeadPhones.  But WAYYYY overpriced. It doesn’t matter about the brand all the matters is the quality of the Sound and Durability of the Headphones. BTW great high quality images..


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