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Friday April 18, 2008 3:14 pm

Unboxing Live 033: Microsoft Zune 80 and Zune 8

In this episode of Unboxing Live, we open up the 80 and Zune 8. These are both from the Zune 2 line, which features the Zune Pad - a touch-sensitive pad that also functions as a button.

The Zune 80 features an 80GB internal hard drive, matching it up with the current entry-level classic at $249 USD, while the Zune 8 has 8GB of flash storage available in its smaller frame, which sells for $199 USD. Of course, you can find both products for less than their MSRP if you do a little looking around. We also give you a look at the included accessories with each in this episode.

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Forum Discussion

zune needs to make a full touch screen

$250?!?!? I should have waited a couple of years for it!!!! I paid that much for my 20GB Creative Labs Zen player. I was eyeballing the original Zune when it first came out, and that was also after I had already bought my Zen. Guess I'll have to wait until my Zen stops working, in order to get the Zune 80.

I wouldn't need more than the Zune 8, but I would love to have the ear phones that go with the Zune 80. All and all though, they are pretty looking players. Financing would be the hard part on me too. I'd have to save up for a little while in order to afford one...something for me to work for, that's for sure.

Wow, great unboxing video. The Zune is a great music player but I have yet to own one! @Purjewl: I know what you mean, technology changes every year and everything keeps getting more memory, more GB's, etc. Very soon, I bet 1GB or 2GB music players will be worth $10-$20.

This is just a little too late huh? We already bought a Zune by this post. LOL

There really isn't a WOW! factor with zune,and its only available in US.The onyl thing zuney i like is its desktop software media player,its the best visually looking media player IMO.And Andru doesn't look too enthusiastic about the zune in this video. He took a jab at MS with that social whatever comment .I agree andru :)

Awesome unboxing video. I own a Zune and I love it, it's a great media player for on-the-go people. I agree with the way that things based off of storage keep getting more and more GB's, and there's no need. Just release one with the highest space they intended! - BoogerJay

[quote author="Dontknow" date="1212308754"]This is just a little too late huh? We already bought a Zune by this post. LOL[/quote] not really. the original post date was just in april. and that was a bare month ago. and the ZUNE is still new enough that not a lot of people have purchased it. myself included. And in answer to boogerjay - if they released one with the highest space possible right off the bat, then there woudln't be any resale or repeat customers, who liked the first one, and decided they needed more space, or better features.

I wish I had a zune, ill soon buy it, great unboxing video, by seeing all these videos im getting tempted to buy all these things.

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I believe this is a area in which microsoft is still playing catch-up. I love my Ipod, and hopefully an ipod touch soon.

I’ll stick with my iPod it looks way better

Microsoft Zune sure has improved a lot.  I like the fact that they offer more colors for their player now, and their Zune social software is great too.  Of course they do not have as much space as the iPod but the features are great.  I like that you can wirelessly share your music with other Zune users.  This is a great feature of Zune and this is what also distinguishes it from other MP3 Players.  If Apple started implementing this featuret to their iPods, I think their sales would skyrocket.


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