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Wednesday May 14, 2008 4:18 pm

Unboxing Live 035: Drobo and DroboShare

Drobo is billed as the “World’s first data storage robot.”  We like to think of it as super, super simple data storage that also doubles as a fantastic backup destination. Backing up your data is both extremely boring, and excruciatingly essential. has tried to spice things up in this area with their technology in Leopard (which Drobo supports), and Windows Home Server offers easy backup for your Windows-based computers.

As you may recall, we got a full feature rundown of Drobo back at CES 2008, so check that out if you need a refresher, or in case you missed it. We were thoroughly impressed, and had to get our hands on one to bring you the scoop on what we think of the device after using it in the real world. While the review is soon to come, we knew you’d want to see the Drobo unboxed. Oh, and as a bonus, we also have the DroboShare as well. This add-on turns your Drobo into a NAS device, and can even pair two Drobos up together for the ultimate in small environment networked data storage.

Check out the video above for the full unboxing of the and DroboShare NAS device.

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Forum Discussion

Its nice but much amazing video about the S 0056.

thats crazy

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I’ve come so close to buying on of these several times. In your review I’d like to see it on and in action to get an idea of how noisy (or not) it is.

I would love to have one. I currently do my backup to an extra harddrive using “Time Machine” on my G4 mac. It works great.

What does Drobo mean. Does it stand for something????

I think the HP media vault does just as good of a job for less. It Also can be hacked and it turns it into a linux server.

I would rather have an HP MediaSmart Server to be honest, I think it would be a lot more economical and it is seamless backup—plus it would be simple enough so that people besides myself in my family could use it!

This seems like a great backup solution. Reliability is a key factor to a successful business, and I’m sure this would be great for those who own small businesses and have the need to regularly backup a lot of files on their computer.  It doesn’t seem simple to use for a family but we only use one hard drive here and the Windows Backup seems to do the trick.


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