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Thursday February 7, 2008 5:25 pm

Unboxing Live 030: MacBook Air unboxing video

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Apple, Features, Laptop, PC, Videocasts,

The MacBook Air is the latest gem of a notebook from the Apple folks. Aimed at those who need something super portable (or, ultra-portable), the Air features a 13-inch LED backlit screen, a full-sized backlit keyboard, and it weighs just three pounds.

We got our hands on the version of the MacBook Air, so we boot it up and give you a look at it’s startup time as well. The Air comes with a


Micro DVI-to-DVI cable, and


Micro DVI-to-VGA cable, and the expected power charger and software. We also noticed that the box it ships in is a lot smaller than those of previous Apple notebooks. Check out the video to see for yourself.

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Forum Discussion

apple the best ever

If I were to buy a new laptop, this would be in my top 5. It looks like it would float on air, it has such a small profile. 3 pounds?! That in itself is incredibly amazing! And that would also make it extremely portable, which is very desirable in my home.

very sleek design although i m having a bit of a problem there no optical drive in it...

Indeed, no optical drive, low capacity hard disk drive and slowness of the hard disk drive does make this laptop very, very expensive for what it is.

I know this notebook was tiny and small. But this is realy, realy small! Never thought they would get a dual core in this machine - no good airflow. @Garret: I think you also order a Macbook Air with a SSD.

very nice notebook, nice and thin for portability but not very portable if you have to carry around all the extra accessories and how is it suppose to charge when the battery dies or do you have to open it up and change the battery, which would be kinda stupid. but other than that nice laptop for on the go.

In my view this notebook is not practical,i'll go ahead and say its pretty much useless for most things.Only 1 USB port and you need to add so much externally,it would have been slightly better had it been included with more than 1 port there. I do give apple props for making it though,they are pushin technology,and matbe next version will be slightly better.that iphone comparison was cool,it really is slim.

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This a perfect example of Form over functionality. The Mac Book Air looks cool I will give it that, but come on not even a Ethernet port what is that? I would at least want a thin slot loading dvd drive on a laptop.


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