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Friday August 4, 2006 10:34 pm

Giveaway: iRiver clix

Gear Live iRiver clix Giveaway

So, check it. Gear Live reader and forum contributer Admiral_Kirk made it clear to us that our recent contests have been a bit too hard, not allowing the Average Joe to win because of the expertise required. Fine, we can understand that. So, we decided that to make up for that, we will make it insanely easy to win an iRiver clix from us. I mean, seriously, the person who wins is the person who wants it the most.

We want you, our readers, to help support the site in any way you can think of. No, we are not taking cash donations, we want to see your creativity. How can you support us you ask? Easy:

  • Start posting on our forums, and contribute to discussions taking place there. We will be monitoring them - if you become a regular, you are entered to win.
  • Add us to your Digg and/or Netscape friends lists - username andru - and vote for the stuff we submit. If you help promote any of our stories, from any of our sites (Gear Live, Playfeed, The Bleeding Edge, TV Envy, Unboxing, End Score, etc.), you are entered to win. There is no limit to the number of entries.
  • Link to us on your site, your MySpace page, your blog, in your signature on forums you visit, wherever. Tell the world about us. Oh, and the more creative, the better. If you do something wildly outlandish (like pulling up the site on every PC in Best Buy), send us proof.
  • Subscribe to any (or all) of our free magazine subscriptions. Each time you subscribe to something you haven’t subscribed for in the past, you are entered to win.
  • Do things we haven’t even thought of.

Now, we want you to tell us what it is you are doing to enter the contest. That is why we have set up this forum thread - when you do something, let us know. Did you Digg a Gear Live story? Let us know. Subscribe to a few magazines? Tell us. Plaster your cat with the Gear Live logo? Post pics. Let’s have some fun with this one guys. The contest will run through the end of August, and in the spirit of the whole word of mouth thing, we want at least ten people in the running. Of course, we expect a lot more than ten to enter, because - quite frankly - this one really is a giveaway. There is no limit to the number of times a person can enter - you are limited by your own time and imagination. Oh, and location, as you must have a US shipping address to be eligible to win.

Any questions? Ask in the forum. Good luck!

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Forum Discussion

K i'll keep this my life for august.

I haven't spent a dime yet. Still got major plans coming though. You though that was alot? YOU HAVEN'T SEEN NOTHING YET

What, the rest of your family got an iriver stolen too? That doesn't help you ;)

I'm not going to "enter" this one but I try to support Gear Live Media anyway and will just up that support as much as possible. Although I always tell my friends about the site/s anyway, I will be sure to work on getting more links up (always lazy lol) and try to digg more stories. I mean, that is a very easy way for anyone to show support regardless of any contest. So even if you don't think you could win this (though, anyone can get lucky), take a couple minutes here and there and help show some support. I mean, making sure Gear Live grows is in your best interest anyway and one sure way to make sure there are better and more contest that you can win ;).

Hey Scilynt, feel free to enter ;) And guys, remember the free magazine subscriptions and the voting for stories on Digg and Netscape. Those that no time at all, and get you an entry into the contest EACH time you do it.

FreeStuffFeen - hit us with your MySpace link :)

Wow, I was certainly surprised when I saw this article on my Live.com page earlier today, read it, and saw my name included. I'm really glad that you decided to hold this contest, and I really hope that it works well. Frankly, if this doesn't work, then I don't know what else to do. When I just visited the Gear Live main page, it said that I was the only member online and that the site currently has 335 visitors. If we can even get a small fraction of those visitors to become members and participate in the site (giving them at least one entry into this contest), then I can see this already-great site growing tremendously over the next month. I also really like your choice of prize. I actually never got around to reading your review of it, but when I saw the contest, I went and read the whole thing, and I must say that I was impressed both by the device and the review. Even though I alread have an iPod, I really want an iRiver Clix. I'll be back later to post more. Keep up the good work.

Alright, a few hours ago I dugg every Gear Live or Bleeding Edge article that Andru has submitted to Digg. I had already dugg some of them in the past, so I hardly did all of them just now, but it was still a lot of digging. Andru - I had no idea that you submitted so many articles. Where did you find the time? I find it tedious just to submit one or two. Anyway, I did find my digging spree pretty fun. It brought back some great memories of certain articles and videos I saw a while back but just never got around to digging (why I don't know). It also allowed me to catch up on a few really good items I somehow neglected in the past. I'll also be posting links to Gear Live as well as articles on this contest in my blogs, but I'll leave that for another day. Of course, I've had Gear Live on my list of Favorite Websites for some time now under the "Computer & Electronics" section.

hehe - very cool man. Don't forget to hit up netscape as well. Oh, and here is a hint - you can see everything submitted across the Gear Live network on Digg under username glmedia. That name only Diggs our stuff. And glad you liked the contest - after all, it was an answer to your plea ;)

Heh. This feels kinda weird, but I did get around to digging a good chunk of articles dugg by glmedia. I hope this contest works out for yall in getting more people to participate in the GL stuff. :)

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