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Everybody Hates ChrisPoor Chris.  He’s far too young to be workin’ for the weekend.  When other kids should be waking up on Saturday mornings and enjoying their cartoons, he is too busy soaking up every ounce of missed sleep he can get.  Going across town to attend the white school his mother prefers means getting about 10 hours less sleep than every other kid. Ironic.  I thought riding public transportation gave you the opportunity to get more sleep.

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Freddie Full SeasonHey, Freddie!  Have you noticed anything about your recent success?  Did you finally realize that dropping Matthew Lillard as your sidekick would probably be the best thing for your career?  The proof?  Wing Commander, She’s All That, Summer Catch.. do we need to go on?? Yes—you could say that the Scooby Doo movies were hugely popular, but kids movies don’t count.  It’s pretty hard to screw a ‘family-friendly’ flick up.

Well, regardless of how you did it… congratulations to you, Freddie Prinze, Jr., for having the next ABC show to be picked up for a full-season.  Whatever you do, just don’t bring in Matthew to guest star until you’ve at least made it past the sophomore jinx…

Desperate HousewivesLooks like a question Desperate Housewives fans have been asking all season has been answered: what happened to the twins? Lynette’s just-this-side-of-evil twin boys, Preston and Porter, played by Brent and Shane Kinsman respectively, will once again be seen on the show. Seems like they had to finish wrapping their new film, Cheaper By the Dozen 2. Lynette will no doubt be pulling her hair out again over these two any day now. True, that mystery has been solved, but how about this one: how come baby Penny hasn’t aged a day in nearly two years? Hmmm…maybe it’s the same reason Gabrielle hasn’t started showing even the tiniest bit of pregnancy yet.

Alias SoloWhen we last spoke about Alias, there were two things that we pointed out:  the new character of Rachel was simply recycling old Sydney storylines, and that actor Balthazar Getty was simply doing nothing.  Sadly, it’s been weeks since we’ve made those first remarks…and absolutely nothing has changed.

This week started off with the detainment of Rachel Gibson’s family.  Now that she has become a target, she has unintentionally put her parents and siblings into harm’s way as well.  To help Rachel understand why a witness protection program is necessary, Sydney gives her a bit of sage advice:  “You do it because you don’t have a choice.”  After having to live a double-life for her friends Will and Francie, Sydney knows all too well how this must go. And so do the viewers.

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ER Human ShieldIs it sad that the most satisfaction I got out of this last episode was watching former Outsider, Tommy Howell (I mean C. Thomas Howell), be dissected? WOLVERINES!!!  A close second was witnessing Dr. Ray Barnett get his butt kicked for sleeping with an underage girl. If you were that girl’s father, you probably would have felt the same way about that punk.  Is my morbid fascination a reflection upon me or on this show?  All I know is that even though I still watch this show routinely, ER has now become so routine that I am forced to entertain myself with the little things.

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Since I have been engrossed with countless hours of Degrassi – old school and new – I don’t know if I should be lecturing anyone about getting a grasp on reality.  But since it’s so easy for me to be judgmental from the other side of my boob tube, I’m going to comment away.

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Dr. Christian TroyViewers have missed the guy we know and love: Dr. Christian Troy has undergone numerous character changes this season. The once confident, cocky, naughty surgeon has spent most of the season crumpled under the weight of his demons, withdrawing into himself and pushing away the people he loves. The latest episode provided a ray of hope: the swagger is back, the confidence is there, the cocky retorts arrive easily. Best of all, Christian made a strong effort to rebuild his relationship with Sean, which viewers agree is the best character interaction on the show. And of course, Christian wouldn’t be Christian without at least one forbidden roll in the hay. It’s there…just a week after proposing to his long-time girlfriend!

Welcome back, Dr. Troy. We sure did miss you.

The latest episode of Gilmore Girls sparked mixed reviews. Some parts the fans loved; some parts they reviled.

The Good: Rory regaining her focus in life. The fact that she and Lorelai reconciled. Paul Anka doing better. Lane getting screen time. Lorelai putting the smackdown on the obnoxious Zach. Emily showing true emotion.

The Bad: The always annoying Colin in an unnecessary scene. The unbelievable shortness of the reconciliation scene: fans have waited all season and this is all we get? Rip-off. And the worst, the absolute worst, is the worst storyline ever on GG: Luke’s ‘long lost’ daughter revealed. Ugh.

The Ugly: That bedroom set. Shudder.

As truly rabid fans will note, the episode was written by Daniel Palladino, who fans have always felt was the weakest writer on the show. Perhaps the writer they adore, Amy Sherman-Palladino, will write the next one and add more Good into the mix.

Jokes have been made since the season began concerning Gabrielle’s (played by Eva Longoria) ‘magical’ pregnancy: no matter how far along she was, she didn’t show any sign of being pregnant, still wearing her typical skin-tight clothes without a hint of a bump. Now disgusted fans are wondering if is it because the show never intended for Gabrielle to have the baby? Gabrielle took a tumble down the stairs in the last episode, and the last shot of her sadly gazing at a sonogram picture strongly suggested that she’d suffered a miscarriage, which viewers of the show are none too happy about. It’s a cheap plot device, even for the notoriously cheap sweeps season. And falling down the stairs? That harkens back to Gone With the Wind…are the writers so “desperate” they must resort to the most tired clichés?

Another look back at where they’ve been…if Jennifer Morrison, who plays Dr. Allison Cameron on House M.D., looks familiar, perhaps you’ve seen her dead. As a vengeful ghost haunting Kevin Bacon in 1999’s Stir of Echoes, Jennifer made quite an impression. I still get the shivers thinking about it, though you have to admit, she’s much prettier alive. Dr. Cameron is known for her relentless pursuit of House, and her ability to force him to confront his emotions, whether he wants to or not. Dr. House better look out. Judging from the way she pursued Kevin Bacon, Jennifer’s not a girl who will give up easily.