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I Want to Watch Something New

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Sean CombsIn case you haven’t heard, VH1 is debuting a new reality series tonight. This time, there’s no dating game or gritty substance abuse - there’s just .

VH1’s premieres tonight at 9pm ET. In this season opener, thirteen strangers (who answered the national wide cattle call VH1 put forth) will be welcomed to Bad Boy (the seat of Diddy’s empire) where they will be interviewed by a panel of Sean John’s most trusted employees. To get to Diddy, the contestants have to get past the panel.

In the show, Diddy (Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, so on and so forth) is searching for a new personal assistant - someone to be at his beck and call and see to his needs 24/7. The cast includes a student, an Iraq war veteran, a personal trainer who likes dancing, a legal assistant, a writer who is a Harvard graduate, a few professional office assistants…and one transvestite.

If you just can’t wait until tonight, VH1 is offering a video preview of the first episode .

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Drama at Sober Living

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Seth BinzerAndy Dick's mugshot

Although the show hasn’t finished filming yet, VH1’s already promises to be an interesting watch.

Last month, we told you about the cable channel’s plans to produce a spinoff of Celebrity Rehab. On the new program, several recovering addicts would live in the same home while trying to get their lives back together. Unfortunately, we’ve already learned of one guest who has experienced a setback. We’ve also heard rumors of a guest who probably hasn’t been rehabbed yet.

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Sober Living: Possible Celebrity Rehab Spinoff?

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Celebrity Rehab

It’s one thing to get clean, it’s another thing to stay clean.

According to the New York Post, VH1 could soon be inviting more controversy to its channel. The network - which just wrapped filming on its second season of - may begin production on a spinoff as soon as next week.

If the rumored project is given the greenlight, we could see several of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s former patients reunited Real World style. In Sober Living, the recovering addicts would live in one home for 30 days while trying to piece their lives and careers back together. (Could this be why Dr. Drew had a ‘Celebrity Addiction’ special recently? Probably.) Those supposedly approached for the new series include Seth “Shifty” Binzer (Season 1), rocker Steven Adler (Season 2) and model Amber Smith (Season 2).

Until then, you can expect the next round of counseling sessions to begin when Celebrity Rehab returns

on August 4

sometime this October.

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New York Post

This Week on TV (6/23-6/29)

Celebrity Family Feud

(You can view TV Envy’s Summer Television Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (6/23)
  • I Love the New Millennium (VH1, 10pm):  “Eight-part series featuring stars reminiscing about pop culture phenomena of the new millennium begins with the year 2000.” Is it too soon to wonder what VH1 will cover in 2011?
  • Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods (MTV,10pm):  “The ladies perform with a canine costar: Bruiser, the dog from the musical.” I had no idea revived Punk’d.
  • Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal (A&E, 10pm):  “A 14-year-old boy, who claims to see spirits of people and animals, is introduced to siblings close to his age who supposedly have paranormal gifts.” I’m always happy when freaky kids find someone to play with.
  • Weeds (Showtime, 10pm):  “Celia’s hard time in county lock-up gets harder when her cellmate decides to make Celia her ‘special girl’.” Yeah - that would definitely suck.

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Celebrity Rehab Welcomes Back Jeff Conaway

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Jeff Conaway in Celebrity RehabWhile I was really hoping to see an appearance from Heidi Fleiss in next season’s edition of (only a former madam could top a porn star), it looks like I will have to settle for something even better: another visit from Jeff Conaway!

Earlier today, VH1 officially named the next round of participants who’ll be voluntarily airing their dirty laundry. Later this fall, Sean Stewart (Sons of Hollywood and Rod Stewart’s son), Amber Smith (model/actress), Rodney King (victim of the LA Riots), Nikki McKibbon (American Idol), Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses) and Tawny Kitaen (the Whitesnake chick) will all be seeking Dr. Drew Pinsky’s specialized help.

Those six will receive counseling for their various issues along with Conaway (who has had a series of ‘setbacks’ since his last stay) and Gary Busey, the most talked-about person from this year’s Academy Awards. (Jennifer Garner will be safe for at least 21 days.)

Look for resident tech Shelly Sprague to become frustrated once again sometime this October.

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TV Guide

Celebrity Rehab’s Next Rumored Lineup

Heidi FleissGiven all the controversy - and attention - garnered last season, it was only a matter of time before a new installment was greenlighted.

According to the New York Post, stars who may seize the opportunity to get some help include pop singer , basketball star Dennis Rodman, Skid Row musician Sebastian Bach and former madam Heidi Fleiss.  Although some of these names could clearly benefit from the program, would not comment on any of the casting rumors.

Production on the next season of Rehab is scheduled to begin in June.

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New York Post

Project Runway Spinoff Coming to Lifetime Too

Project Runway Spinoff

Ever wish you could know more about the designer’s models on ? Lifetime thinks you do. USA Today reports that is planning to pair its newly acquired Project Runway with a half-hour spin-off called which will focus on them as people, not just living clothes hangers. (The model paired up with the winning designer on Project Runway also wins a modeling contract and a spread in Elle magazine.)

Project Runway is expected to move over to the top-rated women’s cable network, Lifetime, in November. will air its fifth and probably final Project Runway season in July, though the move is being contested in court by Bravo parent company . Project Runway has been Bravo’s top hit.

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USA Today

The Rehab Reunion: Where Are They Now?

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Celebrity Rehab - Dr. DrewFrom the first moment I saw with Dr. Drew, I was hooked. While celebrities struggled with the demons of their own addictions, I developed a new one of my own. Ever the cynic, I’m the first one to cry false when it comes to reality TV…but I can’t do that with this show. Infinitely touching, sad, happy, provocative, evocative, it’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen. So where was I Thursday night when the celebrities joined together six months after their televised project to talk about their recoveries? Naturally, I was glued to the TV. And if you missed it, I suggest you put everything else on hold until you catch up.

The absence of two - former contestant Jessica Sierra and famous brother Daniel Baldwin - was immediately apparent, though not addressed until the show was almost over. Statistically, only one in ten of them will successfully cease their addictions even after the intensive rehabilitation they all faced. Of the cast, only four suffered no serious relapses with their addictions.

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This Week on TV (3/3-3/9)

This Week on TV

(You can find our Post-Strike Television Schedule here.)


MONDAY (3/3)
  • The Royal Family (ABC, 8pm):  hosts a special that documents a year in the lives of the British royal family.  Wow - they’re letting people get to know them better?  That’s such a Diana move.
  • Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX, 8pm):  “In the two-hour finale, John and Derek are at odds over whether Cameron can be trusted.”  Meanwhile, I’m still trying to figure out whether I’ll miss the show.
  • Welcome to the Captain (CBS, 8:30):  “Marty gets Josh an interview with the president of Paramount.”  At least one of them will have a job when the show’s cancelled.
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS, 9:30):  “Matthew goes to therapy to discuss intimacy issues and learns he is too dependent on his sister.”  Did anyone else shudder when they read that sentence?

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Paris Hilton Asks: Will You Be My Best Friend?

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New Paris Hilton show has money, looks, street cred from spending time in the pokey and at least the illusion of perhaps somewhere deep down a shred of talent, but what she really needs is a friend…you perhaps?

Us Magazine says that’s the concept for Hilton’s next reality show. Sources, always unnamed of course, tell Us Paris is “tired of the haters and is looking for someone new. She’s looking for someone new and cool who she can trust.” I suspect the bigger question is can you trust her? Let’s hope she cares for her friends a bit better than her dogs or cell phones since she always seems to be losing both.

The project doesn’t have a title yet.  Us says it is expected to be picked up by or .

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Us Magazine