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VIDEO: Jay Leno Addresses Conan O’Brien’s Emmy Nods

Did Jay Leno make an awkward situation even more awkward? Or was he simply being a good sport?

On last night’s broadcast of The Tonight Show, the talk show host brought up the fact that his program was technically nominated for four Emmys yesterday - though it was for work Conan O’Brien’s crew did.

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Conan O’Brien Congratulated by NBC for Emmy Nods

Conan O'Brien

Conan O’Brien’s surprise Emmy nominations this morning for his work on The Tonight Show prompted NBC to issue a

forced classy half-ass

unexpected statement about their former employee.

The network, which did not see a Jay Leno mention, wrote: “We congratulate Conan and all our nominees on their creative accomplishments and their deserved nominations.”

Conan - who saw his old program receive four noms including one for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series - also delivered his own comment via Twitter. “Congrats to my staff on 4 Emmy nominations. This bodes well for the future of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien,” he wrote.

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Jay Leno to Sit Down with Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno

Now that Conan O’Brien’s left NBC, it’s ‘s time to warm up the audience.

Later this week, the old/new Tonight Show host will do his first one-on-one interview since Conan’s finale last Friday. , who is a close friend with Jay, flew to Los Angeles to pre-tape the chat.

Although Winfrey’s people have also extended an invitation to O’Brien, it’s not known whether he’ll eventually do his own daytime sit-down.

Leno’s interview is scheduled to air on Thursday.

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Jimmy Kimmel Turns Late-Night Battle into Ken Burns-esque Story

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This could be an interesting programming alternative once Conan O’Brien finally goes off the air.

On last night’s , the ABC host compared the battle over at NBC to a Ken Burns documentary series.

Not seeing the similarities? Then watch this clip from “The Late Night War.”

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VIDEO: Conan O’Brien’s Masturbating Bear Makes a Return Appearance

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Since Conan O’Brien will be forced to leave his “intellectual property” behind at NBC, he figures we should all be able to say goodbye with him.

On last night’s broadcast of , one of his most famous - and most controversial - characters returned to everyone’s delight…and to NBC’s dismay.

Ladies and Gents—it’s time to say farewell to the “Masturbating Bear.”

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Conan O’Brien Receives Over $30 Million to Leave

Conan O'Brien

Days of haggling have resulted - finally! - with an agreement between Conan O’Brien’s lawyers and NBC.

Although different numbers have been thrown out by the media, it looks like The Tonight Show‘s current host will leave the network with approximately $32 million. That figure does not include a reported $7.5 million severance package to be divided amongst his 200+ staffers and a $4.5 million payout to executive producer Jeff Ross. (It’s unclear how much Andy Richter or Max Weinberg will be compensated.)

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Jay Leno Gives His Side of the Late-Night Drama

UPDATE: You can now watch the video of his statement.

After taking a brutal beating from the public, fellow celebrities and Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno decided it was time to set the record straight.

Why hasn’t Leno walked away from the network? What does he think about the stupid time changes? How does Jay currently feel about Conan O’Brien?

You can read his full statement from Monday’s Jay Leno Show broadcast after the jump.

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NBC Lays Out Post-Leno Schedule

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Law & Order: SVUAlthough it’s still unclear exactly when Conan O’Brien will finally depart The Tonight Show (it’s believed his last day will be January 22), we do know what will air in place of Jay Leno’s soon-to-be-old time slot.

As NBC Universal TV chairman Jeff Gaspin stated earlier, the network will not be introducing five new dramas to that time period. Instead, the network has basically reshuffled programs already placed on their midseason schedule.

Starting Monday, March 1, these are the shows that will air at 10:00: (a move from Friday time slot), Parenthood, Law & Order: SVU (originals will move to later time slot), The Marriage Ref and Dateline NBC.

(To get a look at TV Envy’s Midseason Programming Schedule, click here.)

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NBC’s Sinking Ship: Is Jay Leno Bailing, Too?


According to unnamed sources cited by Popeater, is none too pleased with NBC and their future plans for The Tonight Show.

The source says Jay is furious with being made to look like “the bad guy” in all the hubbub. Frankly, I don’t think he does. made it pretty clear that NBC is, in fact, “the bad guy.”

It’s not hard to believe that Leno might want to leave the network that’s so willing to shun O’Brien after giving him only seven months in his new job.

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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Jay Leno

And here I thought Jay Leno and were friends.

Many viewers were probably a bit confused last night when they stayed up late to watch right after Nightline. Did they accidentally switch channels to NBC? Did their clocks go back an hour? No - that wasn’t Jay Leno they were seeing. That was actually Kimmel fronting his own show - the entire show - while dressed as his competitor.

“Hello, hello, my name is ...and let it hereby be known that I’m taking over all the shows in late night, beginning with this one,” the faux NBC host explained.

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