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This Week on TV (8/2-8/8)

MONDAY (8/2)
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  Season finale. “Ali arrives in Bora Bora with two guys (Chris L. and Roberto) and one rose. Her family are also there—-and they do her no favor by liking both bachelors equally.” Her family said it was so hard to choose in this loser-loser situation.
  • The Good Guys (FOX, 9pm):  “A crime family dispatches an assassin to kill a man in the Witness Protection Program after Dan accidentally exposes the man’s identity.” He forgot to adjust his privacy settings to “Friends Only.”
  • The Closer (TNT, 9pm):  “Provenza stumbles into a compromising situation, as is his habit, when he romances a flight attendant on company time—-then discovers a dead body in her condominium.” It was too big to stuff into the overhead compartment.

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This Week on TV (7/5-7/11)


MONDAY (7/5)
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  “Ali questions some of the bachelors’ sincerity. Indeed, two of them seem to be as focused on each other as they are on her.” Well, they did they say they came there looking for love.
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family, 8pm):  “Amy runs into Bristol Palin in her dorm, and soon she realizes the music program is for teen moms.” Palin clearly wasn’t accepted into the program for her actual talent.
  • Incredible to Edible (TLC, 10pm):  “A couple think they can cook, but their inedible boiled fish and microwaved eggs prove otherwise.” Oh, hold up - you can microwave eggs?

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This Week on TV (6/28-7/4)


MONDAY (6/28)
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  “Ali takes one to a bathhouse, another to a bazaar and four others to a historic fort, where they slather themselves in olive oil and wrestle with each other to earn one-on-one time with her.” The one who enjoys it the least is the one who will win the date.
  • All Worked Up (truTV, 10pm):  “A showgirl uses her dance training in vain to avoid getting towed.” is proof showgirl experience won’t get you far.
  • Obsessed (A&E, 10pm):  Season premiere. “A woman’s need to exercise constantly leaves her little time to spend with her family.” She makes sure to wave at their avatars when she runs past them on Wii Fit.

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TV Talk: Reunion for Pavelka and Girardi, CNN Job for Spitzer

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi-Expect Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi to talk about their recent split on the July 5 episode of The Bachelorette. According to reports, many people thought an angry Jake would strike his ex at one point.

-According to a source, Lindsay Lohan really wasn’t eight hours late to a photo shoot like Bravo’s Double Exposure claimed. She was actually ten hours late.

-A prostitution scandal won’t keep Eliot Spitzer down. New York’s former governor has just been given a new co-hosting gig on CNN. The program will start this fall.

-Want to see gay couple Cam & Mitchell finally kiss on Modern Family? Join the 13,500+ fans on Facebook and maybe you’ll get your wish next season.

-Tuesday’s Deadliest Catch episode earned the program its largest audience to date. The hour was the first of several to address Captain Phil Harris’ health.

This Week on TV (6/7-6/13)


MONDAY (6/7)
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  “Fourteen bachelors remain, nine of whom accompany Ali to a Barenaked Ladies performance (and are cast in one of the band’s videos).” If one of them passes a drug test, they could also become Barenaked Ladies’ latest singer.
  • True Beauty (ABC, 10pm):  “Penn and Teller teach the contestants a magic trick, but swear them to secrecy on how it’s done. Will anyone give it up when questioned by a reporter?” More importantly: Will they give up the Everlasting Gobstopper?
  • Mega Bites (TLC, 10pm):  “A chef teams up with an engineer and a food scientist to build the world’s largest Rice Krispies Treat.” The bomb squad was mistakenly dispatched after reports of large snaps, crackles and pops.

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Bachelorette, Dancing with the Stars Announcements Monday

Dancing with the Stars logo

Jake Pavelka’s choice between Tenley and Vienna won’t be the only announcement coming this Monday night.

During the three-hour Bachelor finale, two other big reveals will be made: the name of the new Bachelorette and the celebrities participating in Round 10 of .

Although Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has reportedly been confirmed for the ballroom competition, not much else has is known about the amateur roster. Names like figure skater Evan Lysacek, Olympic diver Greg Louganis and Kate Gosselin have been tossed around in the media though.

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This Week on TV (7/27-8/2)

More to Love

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MONDAY (7/27)
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family, 8pm):  “Amy is jealous when she realizes Ben is going on a summer road trip, while she has to continue working and going to school.” I think her previous summer was eventful enough.
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  Season finale. “Jillian’s choice is down to Ed or Kiptyn in the season finale, taped or Hawaii’s Big Island, where she has outdoor dates with the two, who are also grilled by her family.” Let’s be real: A name like Kiptyn should never be paired with a name like Jillian.
  • Making His Band (MTV, 10pm):  Series premiere. “ begins his search for talented singers and musicians to back him up on an upcoming tour.” Behind every weak singer is a strong support system.
  • Dating in the Dark (ABC, 10pm):  “The singles look in their dates’ luggage before spending time with them in the darkroom.” It would be nice to know if anyone was packing heat before the lights went off.

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This Week on TV (7/13-7/19)

Lindsay Lohan and Cheryl Hines in Labor Pains

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MONDAY (7/13)
  • Great American Road Trip (NBC, 8pm):  New day. “The six remaining families hit the road, leaving the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and skirting through Missouri, where they land in Branson to perform skits before crooner Andy Williams and comic Yakov Smirnoff.” Apparently, the families also journey back several decades.
  • Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family, 8pm):  “Amy needs assistance with her chaotic schedule, so her dad and sister lend her a hand.” When the supportive applause died down, she put the baby back to sleep.
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  “Jillian arrives on Maui with the three remaining bachelors, all of whom she says she loves.” Yes - and said he loved Melissa. We know how this goes.
  • Make It or Break It (ABC Family, 9pm):  “Sasha puts the girls through a grueling day of practice as punishment for attending a party.” That’s what non-athletes call ‘working off the alcohol.’”

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This Week on TV (7/6-7/12)

Entourage cast

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MONDAY (7/6)
  • Make it or Break It (ABC Family, 8pm):  “Trying to unwind, Payson, Emily and Kaylie head to a high-school party, but the evening isn’t as fun as they thought it would be.” They were lead to believe that ‘keg stands’ were an entirely different thing.”
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  “Jillian and her final four head to Spain for flamenco in Madrid and a picnic in Seville.” Their plans are interrupted when asks her to fly away from the weekend.
  • Here Comes the Newlyweds (ABC, 10pm):  “The three remaining couples gaze into their futures by speculating on their 10th anniversaries.” Reality show pairs should only focus on making it to next year.
  • Weeds (Showtime, 10pm):  “Silas and Doug are off to see ‘The Wizard,’ a marijuana provider whom they need to supply cannabis for their dispensary.” This wizard can help fly people home, or wherever else they’d like to ‘travel’ to.

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This Week on TV (6/8-6/14)

Nurse Jackie

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MONDAY (6/8)
  • The Bachelorette (ABC, 8pm):  “When Jillian hears that three men might have girlfriends back at home, she cancels the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party.” And you thought your boyfriend was just on a business trip.
  • Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo, 10pm):  Season premiere. “The season opens with Kathy trying to move to a higher grade than the D-list.” Unfortunately, single billionaires only come once in a lifetime.
  • Weeds (Showtime, 10pm):  Season premiere. “Celia’s daughter discovers there’s not much interest - and money - in holding her mother hostage.” If the economy wasn’t so bad, Celia would have taken it personally.
  • Nurse Jackie (Showtime, 10:30pm):  Series premiere. “A black comedy centering on veteran New York City ER nurse Jackie Peyton (), who strives to juggle patients, coworkers and her own personal demons, including a substance-abuse problem.” Life as a mob wife doesn’t look so bad anymore.

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