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Simon Cowell Hiring Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole?

The Hollywood Reporter says is in talks with Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole for his new, US-based X Factor.

The well-known singing judge has worked with both females in the past. Abdul was a fellow panelist with Simon for eight seasons of American Idol, while Cole currently serves the same duty on Britian’s X Factor.

The show is scheduled to premiere on FOX in 2011.

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DeGeneres, DioGuardi React to Simon Cowell’s Idol Departure

Simon Cowell

Talk show maven and newest Idol addition Ellen DeGeneres is “very, very sad” that Simon Cowell is , and who can blame her? With Cowell gone, it’s safe to assume that American Idol’s future is now on a downward spiral, and Ellen’s new job is likely to become a very brief blip on the map of her career.

“He announced he’s leaving on my first day - I’m trying not to take it personally,” Ellen cracked jokes, as usual, while talking to her audience. “He’s a huge part of that show, but he wanted a change.”

And so sounded the death knell of America’s most popular reality TV series.

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Simon Cowell Leaving American Idol

American Idol judges

Was it something Ellen DeGeneres said?

Although hasn’t officially started, we already know how the season is going to end: with a goodbye to Simon Cowell.

FOX execs - with help from Cowell himself - officially announced today that the judge we love and/or hate will be leaving the program after the next winner is crowned. Simon, as rumored, will focus his attention to an American version of . (It was the British program that helped launched Susan Boyle’s career.)

Cowell will serve as both executive producer and judge on the series launching in Fall 2011. If other rumors prove true, we could also see his former coworker, , sitting right there beside him.

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Whitney Houston Appears on The X Factor

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The X Factor delivered more than its usual dose of diva when Whitney Houston took to the stage to belt out “Million Dollar Bill” recently. Her performance suffered quite a few snafus…it’s a wonder she was even able to get through it.

Watch the video above to see what you think. Is there any chance FOX will book her for ?

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Simon Cowell Blown Away by X-Factor Auditioner

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Simon Cowell

Who’s got the tuneful chops to get the biggest compliment notoriously cruel has ever uttered? It certainly didn’t happen on American Idol, where the judge is often put-out and aggravated during audition rounds. On a recent episode of the UK version of the show, The X-Factor, Cowell offered the most praise he’s ever given on TV.

“That was single-handedly the best first audition I have ever heard,” the judge told Danyl Johnson, 27. The singer stepped out on the stage to give a rollicking rendition of “With a Little Help from My Friends,” impressing panel and audience members alike.

It was so good, in fact, that Cowell was actually moved into giving a standing ovation. “He could be one of the best contestants we’ve ever had,” Cowell said of Johnson.

You can currently watch the video of Johnson’s audition on .

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Is Simon Cowell Nearing His American Idol Exit?

Simon CowellAlthough many out there would be perfectly happy with one job, has fronting at least three for some time now. But is this something the 49-year-old expects he can do indefinitely?

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Simon said it might not be realistically possible to maintain his work schedule on and his two UK programs. “It takes longer and longer to make these shows because you have to put more into them, and I am not sure we can sustain me doing three shows a year, with the record label and the TV production company,” he explained.

But is Cowell seriously contemplating change (he does wear the same shirt every week), or is he just gearing up for another contract negotiation? “Most people do one show a year and I do three and they involve a lot of travelling. One may have to go. I don’t know which one. That is the problem, I like all of them. I can’t imagine not doing Britain’s Got Talent and I can’t imagine not doing X Factor. But I guess America is more likely to go because I have got one year under contract. Maybe that will be the end,” the judge hinted.

And while constant traveling might seem tiresome to some (he is known to take four transatlantic flights a week during the summer), Simon fully recognizes what he has. “I don’t want to come over as whiney because I am very grateful that I have got these jobs,” he clarified.

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