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This Week on TV (11/24-11/30)

Michael Chiklis in The Shield

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MONDAY (11/24)
  • Dancing with the Stars (ABC, 8pm):  After ten weeks, it all ends tonight. Sadly, I can’t even remember the names of the first two eliminated.
  • Samantha Who? (ABC, 9:30):  “Sam invites boyfriend Owen (James Tupper) for dinner to meet her parents, but Owen and Howard don’t hit it off.” Seems Howard doesn’t approve of his relationship with Anne Heche either.
  • Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hitler (History, 10pm):  “Recalling Operation Valkyrie, a failed plot devised by German officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler.” By choosing this documentary over the version, you’ll be able to save a few more bucks for Christmas.
  • The Hills (MTV, 10pm):  “Audrina confronts Lauren and Justin after rumors circulate that the two hooked up.” By “confront,” we mean Audrina has them refer to the television interviews she’s conducted on the topic.

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Will Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak Really Make an Album?

Anyone with a pair of ears - or any set of standards - knows one thing: Kim Zolciak can’t sing. Unfortunately, that’s something the delusional star of refuses to believe.

Despite her disastrous recording session with producer Dallas Austin - and her cringe-inducing lesson with a vocal coach (that can be seen above) - Zolciak insists her career is still a go. In an interview with Essence magazine, the woman with the “God-given talent” warned us to be on the lookout for her upcoming single.

My first song, “Tight Rope,” will be out the first week in January, but I’m not sure when the album will be coming out. [Dallas Austin] wrote and produced it. He originally sent me three but I fell in love with the beat and lyrics. The song is about walking a tight rope with somebody. It [speaks] to my personal life and my relationship and just life in general. It definitely applies to my life, but after seeing that footage on the show where it looks like I can’t sing! I guess it makes for good television but it looked awful to me. People will just have to wait for my album to see the deal.

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This Week on TV (11/17-11/23)

24 Redemption

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MONDAY (11/17)
  • Gossip Girl (CW, 8pm):  “Cyrus (Wallace Shawn) implements changes to the Waldorf Thanksgiving traditions, which upsets Blair.” The introduction of iocane powder is always a controversial decision.
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC, 9pm):  “Jon and Kate renew their vows in an intimate Hawaiian ceremony.” Wait a second - that wedding hasn’t happened yet? They’ve been milking that cow for weeks!
  • Prison Break (FOX, 9pm):  “T-Bag’s boss at GATE makes him a tempting offer.” Please don’t let it be a season renewal.
  • My Own Worst Enemy (NBC, 10pm):  “Edward makes a risky deal with a KGB agent to find information on his past.” Edward better hurry up. He only has a few chances left to get it all figured out.

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This Week on TV (11/3-11/9)

Law & Order

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MONDAY (11/3)
  • Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo, 8pm):  Season 15 premiere. “A conversation with Oscar-winning actress Goldie Hawn, who retraces her career journey and discusses her books, her tattoo and her mother’s death.” James Lipton will also retrace the moments when Hawn’s career started dying a slow death.
  • Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash 2008 (NBC, 9pm):  “A ready-for-prime-time political skewering, featuring new material and a collection of politically-themed clips from the show’s archive.” This could be your last chance to laugh before you cry.
  • First Class All the Way (Bravo, 9pm):  Series premiere. “Sara whips up a high-end getaway to Paris and Monaco for a clique of privileged women, but there’s a bump in the road when a passport goes missing.” I just hate to see a privileged woman miss out on a trip.
  • The Hills (MTV, 10pm):  “Audrina moves out.” Haven’t we seen this episode already? Oh wait - we just saw it unfold in Us Weekly.

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This Week on TV (10/20-10/26)


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MONDAY (10/20)
  • Prison Break (FOX, 9pm):  “Roland seethes at the treatment he has gotten from the gang since he lost the transcribing device in Las Vegas.” Thanks to his fine work, this show has just been dragged out longer than it needed to be.
  • Gossip Girl (CW, 9pm):  “Vanessa blackmails Blair, so Blair retaliates by asking Chuck to seduce Vanessa.” Sounds like somebody’s got some cruel intentions...
  • 17 Kids and Counting (TLC, 10pm):  “A look at how the thrifty Duggars save money on their clothing, food and heating bills.” Thankfully, I don’t plan on shopping for a family of 17, so there’s a lot more for me.
  • CSI: Miami (CBS, 10pm):  “A murder occurs in a trendy fashion boutique and during the investigation Horatio realizes that Julia is becoming increasingly unstable and volatile.” Had he taken his glasses off, he could have seen this coming sooner.

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This Week on TV (10/13-10/19)


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MONDAY (10/13)
  • Chuck (NBC, 8pm):  “Sarah’s ex-flame and partner, Bryce Larkin, makes an unforeseen return and goes undercover with Sarah as an overly affectionate couple.” Unforeseen return? I predicted he would come back last year!
  • Little People, Big World (TLC, 9pm):  Season 5 premiere. “Matt travels to Baghdad to help dwarf children in need of medical attention.” By doing so, he has now milked new meaning out of the show’s title.
  • Samantha Who? (ABC, 9:30pm):  Season 2 premiere. “Sam teams with her mom in a dance competition against Regina’s nemesis (Cybill Shepherd) and her partner, who just happens to be a ringer.” Why do I always find myself rooting against Cybill Shepherd?
  • My Own Worst Enemy (NBC, 10pm):  Series premiere. “The implant in Henry Spivey’s brain that separates the two identities begins to malfunction, leaving each side fighting for dominance.” On one side, we have the who excelled in Heathers. On the other side, we have the Slater who stunk in Mobsters.

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This Week on TV (10/6-10/12)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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MONDAY (10/6)
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS, 9pm):  “Alan tries dating two women at the same time.” I remember when Ducky was pining over just Molly Ringwald. He’s all growns up now.
  • Prison Break (FOX, 9pm):  “Sara learns something disturbing about Michael.” She realizes that if it weren’t for his steely gaze and tattoos, Michael would just be your average white guy.
  • I Want to Work for Diddy (VH1, 9pm):  Series finale. “The final contestants train with Marcus Buckingham and are interviewed by Diddy.” If they mistakenly admit their loyalty for McCain, Diddy will retreat back under the covers.
  • Exiled (MTV, 10:30pm):  “A hip hop star’s daughter is sent to the island nation Vanuatu to live in a bug-filled jungle in the shadow of an active volcano.” Had she wasted her youth watching Survivor: Vanuatu, she would have been prepared.

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Real Housewives Takes on Atlanta

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Apparently ‘real housewives’ exist everywhere…

An announcement made by Bravo today had me intrigued yet thoroughly confused at the same time. Just two months after teasing us with news about The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the cable channel has already made plans to dissect the ladies of another city: Atlanta. Does this mean Jersey is no longer a go?

According to the network’s press release, the series will follow “five women from Atlanta’s social elite from NBA and NFL wives to sassy single moms as they juggle their burgeoning careers and busy home lives with the whirl of the south’s hottest city.”

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