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This Week on TV (12/1-12/7)

Barbara Walters and Tom Cruise

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MONDAY 12/1)
  • Shrek the Halls (ABC, 8pm): Hopefully this Mike Myers laugher will help us all forget The Love Guru.
  • Inside the Actor’s Studio (Bravo, 8pm):  “Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter film franchise, charts his career journey.” I’m not sure I want to see James Lipton enthusiastically talking about Radcliffe’s nude Broadway performance.
  • Heroes (NBC, 9pm):  “Ando, Sam and Frack try to restore Hiro’s memory with a comic book.” Any person trying to follow this series should be given an instruction manual.
  • Boston Legal (ABC, 10pm):  “When Denny receives bad news about the state of his Alzheimer’s, Alan goes before the Massachusetts Supreme Court to plead for access to an experimental drug that can help his condition.” Alzheimers? Maybe Shatner simply forgot why George Takei dislikes him so.

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Laughs and Duets for Stephen Colbert’s Christmas

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Last night, Comedy Central aired ’s Christmas special for the first time. Did you miss this medley of duets, special guests and conservative comedy? A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All airs again Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and probably many more times before December is through.

This celebration of spirit began with a song and a plea from the funny pundit himself, a new ditty he hopes will become a standard so that many holiday-time royalties will go to him. At one point, the song blatantly begs for money to feed Colbert’s children. Throughout the number, Colbert struts around in fur-covered boots and lots of red. It was, from beginning to end, totally hilarious.

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This Week on TV (11/17-11/23)

24 Redemption

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MONDAY (11/17)
  • Gossip Girl (CW, 8pm):  “Cyrus (Wallace Shawn) implements changes to the Waldorf Thanksgiving traditions, which upsets Blair.” The introduction of iocane powder is always a controversial decision.
  • Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC, 9pm):  “Jon and Kate renew their vows in an intimate Hawaiian ceremony.” Wait a second - that wedding hasn’t happened yet? They’ve been milking that cow for weeks!
  • Prison Break (FOX, 9pm):  “T-Bag’s boss at GATE makes him a tempting offer.” Please don’t let it be a season renewal.
  • My Own Worst Enemy (NBC, 10pm):  “Edward makes a risky deal with a KGB agent to find information on his past.” Edward better hurry up. He only has a few chances left to get it all figured out.

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Laugh at Poll Results with Comedy Central

As part of the Indecision ‘08 political coverage which has been raging all year long, will pit its two most popular late-night hosts against each other in a poll results special scheduled to air Tuesday night.

MSNBC, CNN, FOX News and all major networks, as usual, will also be offering post-poll coverage (and perhaps announcing winners early, as they are wont to do). Comedy Central’s hour-long special will surely provide more laughs than other networks, and the comedy duo of Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert is destined to create plenty of hilarious moments.

We may want to cry over the results come tomorrow night, but Comedy Central will try to make us laugh instead…come what may.

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The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards

60th Primetime Emmy Awards logo

Even though the previous television season was marred by the annoying writers’ strike, I find myself really excited for the . Not only will this ceremony give us a chance to start anew, it’ll be the academy’s chance to celebrate what’s new.

Tonight, two basic cable shows (Damages, Mad Men) will get a chance to win for Outstanding Drama Series. (That would be an Emmy first.) Meanwhile, nominees in several categories will have an opportunity to compete in a Sopranos-less environment. An added bonus? A new category. This year, reality show hosts will finally be acknowledged for their programming contributions as well.

So who won? Who lost? Who ran up and grabbed the award even though they didn’t win? Read our West Coast play-by-play account of this evening’s telecast and find out!

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Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Stephen Colbert Shines as Webby Winner

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Stephen ColbertComedy Central host won’t be winning a bid in the U.S. Presidential election, but he has managed to walk away with one prestigious award on the year.

Colbert was recently named “Person of the Year” and given a Webby award to mark his feat. Webby awards, a vehicle dreamed up by the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, are given out for Internet excellence, and those people who do their part to maintain this ideal. The award ceremony takes place June 9 and 10 in New York, but the winners are (as part of Webby tradition) only allowed to make a five-word acceptance speech.

“Person of the Year” is the highest Webby honor. Colbert won for “the innovative way he has used the Internet to interact with fans of .” Also known as the Colbert Nation, these fans have oft been prompted by Colbert to participate in online activities, such as changing the status of the American buffalo on Wikipedia.

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LA Times

Your Daily Reports: They’re Ba-ack!

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Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

favorites Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are proudly sporting “Union Made” labels and enjoying a full staff of writers once more, much to the delight (and sheer relief) of fans. Late night TV is finally back on track now that the strike has ended.

With a newfound comfort in front of cameras and a relaxed joy in the air, the hosts resumed their normal duties…this time, with scripts. After weeks of watching them invent ways to fill the gaps in their programs, it was a relief to see them with full episodes once more. Though both did remarkably well under improvisational pressure, I’m happy to see them back at full staff.

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Comedy Central

Late Night War Ends in Violence

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Conan O'Brien delivers Jon Stewart and Stephen ColbertWell after finished for the evening, when most people were thinking about getting to bed, the began to heat up…again. Let’s re-cap.

host took exception to host ’s claim that O’Brien “made” Presidential contender . Conan responded on his show that he, O’Brien, actually made Colbert. host offered video evidence that in fact Stewart made O’Brien. Thus, the world was put to rights again.

Until a certain redhead (O’Brien) presented a photo depicting himself delivering both Colbert and Stewart, thus proving that he in fact made them both - and by extension, Huckabee. For those who missed it, this battle all came to head last night. Conan threatened to “kick some Comedy Central ass” and so, Stewart and Colbert showed up to give him exactly this opportunity.  (You can see the video clip, after the jump.)

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Late Night With Conan O’Brien

The Battle of the Late Night Hosts

Jon Stewart and Stephen ColbertIn an epic match-up, post- hosts are facing off in a battle for the ages.  It’s a contest of wills that dares a meeting of and network TV that could rock more than one snarky show.

Well, perhaps it isn’t as big as all that - but it is mildly entertaining and it’s giving a little much-needed fodder in this strange world without TV . Like as not, even the best late night programs have been faltering. is opening every episode by flicking paper footballs randomly toward his audience, and on Tuesday’s episode played with clam shells instead of monologuing. Thankfully, Colbert recently picked a fight with fellow host to keep us all amused.

Here’s the breakdown: Colbert invited Presidential contender onto , thus granting him the highly coveted “Colbert bump.” Naturally, Huckabee’s popularity increased - and even he attributed this climb to Colbert. So, when Conan O’Brien claimed to be the real puppet master behind Huckabee’s success, Colbert was affronted.

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Is Stephen Colbert Different?

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Stephen ColbertOn his Wednesday night show, told viewers that, although he is lumped together with other hosts, he is different. He is a newsman. This was said all very tongue-in-cheek of course, but Colbert may not be far from wrong. is a little different from other variety shows, and the program’s host definitely stands out from the pack.

In his quest to find ways to fill up air time, Colbert taped three recently-aired hilarious segments in which he chronicled his quest to hang in the nation’s museum: The Smithsonian Institution. For six weeks, Colbert’s portrait (from season three, this one features four different Stephens in the picture) will hang just outside the Hall of Presidents in the National Portrait Gallery. To be specific, right under the sign for the restrooms. This is, of course, only a temporary arrangement. (An official for the museum said the Institute is going along with the joke, and the portrait will not be a permanent fixture.) Since Colbert’s announcement, several young visitors have flocked to the museum to pose with the portrait - even some who had never been to the National Portrait Gallery before.

The sheer loyalty Colbert commands sets him apart from other hosts, and the attention he receives is no laughing matter. Somehow, I can’t help but think Colbert’s portrait won’t have any trouble finding a permanent home in some prestigious locale.

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