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The Hills: Were You Surprised?

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Though the leading promos seemed to promise otherwise, Heidi Montag did not become Mrs. Spencer Pratt on season finale.

The couple was all set to marry in the Beverly Hills courthouse…until Pratt backed out of the whole thing.

He had a little encouragement to this end from Stephanie, who told him, “You can’t do this. She’s going to regret this. I think this is wrong.”

Not the marriage, mind you, just the wedding. You see, Heidi wants a big wedding. The show has been making a big deal out of this.

And so, Spencer called it off. “I just want to give you the wedding of your dreams that you have been talking about for three years. I’ll deal with it. It’s worth it to be with you the rest of my life. We’ll do it the way you want.”

Queue the white doves, long limos and three hundred guests - the big wedding would make for a great season-opener. Hey, that’s probably what MTV is thinking, too.

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Tom Cruise…and The Hills?

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In one of those bizarre celebrity pairings, three time Academy Award nominee recently sat down with MTV reality star Spencer Pratt. Er…sort of.

Cruise apparently stopped to chat on The Hills After Show (seriously, yes, there’s an after show) and ended up talking to a picture of (who I guess is way too cool to actually attend the after show). The famously married movie star offered up some pearls of wisdom to the newly-married TV personality.

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Casting Corner: In Plain Sight, Kath & Kim, Medium and More

Kim KardashianMaya Rudolph

Here’s a quick look at some of the casting announcements made recently:

CSI: Miami: No matter what you think of Diddy, you can’t deny the mans’ diversity. Who else could front several reality shows, star in A Raisin in the Sun and take on David Caruso? According to Entertainment Tonight, the mogul is scheduled to air in two episodes of the CBS drama next year. He will play a federal prosecutor (yeah, I know) who has a personal and professional beef with Horatio’s team.

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Need Another Reason to Hate The Hills?

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

, an MTV pseudo-reality show which just might be a rare form of entertainment cancer, just got unbelievably sillier. Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the recent pics of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who recently took a stroll in the California sunshine wearing - get this - his and her pro-Republican T-shirts.

While Heidi clomped along in her high, thick-soled shoes, Spencer kept a shotgun slung against his shoulder. And for those of you who, like myself, have been wondering just who Joe Six Pack is - it’s . Note how he slugs back his beer - look in-between the couple to see the rest of those brews just waiting for their chance in front of the cameras.

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Is the Industry Getting Sick of The Hills?

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Spencer and Heidi, The Hills

A recent poll offered up by PopEater poses a very interesting question…and raises a few more. Saying the site has “just about had it” with the “cheesiness” of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, stars of MTV’s , the site swears to stop covering the pair - if that’s what the public wants.

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The Hills Season 4 Trailer

In this trailer for the upcoming season of , we finally get to see all of the drama we already read about in Us Weekly months ago.

Will Lauren finally have a functional relationship? Is Spencer going to keep that pathetic attempt at facial hair around? Will Audrina really become friends with “super bitchy” Lo?

Find out when The Hills returns on August 18.

MTV Hills Crew Terrorizes Hollywood Residents

No peace and quiet in Hollywood!

MTV cannot simply settle for irking television viewers like myself with their silly reality shows. They apparently have to frustrate poor Hollywood resident civilians, too.

Filming their prized “reality” stint, The Hills cast and crew have wreaked havoc among their Hollywood neighbors.

As if the unwanted paparazzi crews are not enough of a nuisance, the filming crew apparently takes up most of the street with their equipment trucks, leaving bright lights shining on the house until late at night when the socialites are not even home!

Not surprisingly, despite these and many more claims, an MTV spokesperson defends the production: “MTV is in accordance with all required production permits, and is working with the city of Los Angeles to assist it with neighborhood concerns that have been raised.”

They sure are good liars over there at MTV.

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The Hills’ Extended Preview

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We’re now less than one month away from the return of MTV’s .  If you’re dying to find out what’s in store, check out the extended preview below.  The next round of episodes appear to be quite juicy!

Make sure to mark your calendar for Monday, March 24.