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PBS Reopens Century-Old Crime

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On Monday night, will be digging into Georgia’s old case files to present The People v. Leo Frank, the story of a factory supervisor who was tried for the murder of a young girl who worked at the plant.

The case sparked national media attention, the trial carrying on for days and days until eventually Frank was convicted of the crime. A Yankee, a Jew, an outsider and a convenient target, Frank was charged with the terribly brutal murder of Mary Phagan, 13. After he was interred in jail, local citizens formed a vigilante squad to forcibly remove Frank from captivity. They took him to the outskirts of town, where a lynch mob waited. An unknown man later gave Frank’s wedding ring to his wife, ostensibly Leo’s last request.

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You Asked, TLC Answers with More Kate Gosselin

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Jon Gosselin is way, way out of TLC’s good graces, but estranged wife Kate is poised to become a strong anchor for the network. She’ll soon be the central focus in a new hour-long special that features all the you can stand.

The last episode of , which helped put TLC back on the ratings map, airs Monday - incidentally, the same day the couple goes back to court to divvy up their assets for divorce. Kate will be answering questions “about life, the show and moving on,” with the time - an event called “You Ask, Kate Answers.”

Want to start asking a few things of your own? Get on the and post some questions; you never know, but you might get the Gosselin nod. Clearly, it’s not Kate in the video above - but isn’t it funny?

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Paris Hilton Opens Up in New MTV Documentary

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Paris Hilton said she doesn’t “want people thinking of me as this blonde heiress…airhead,” but almost in the same breath admits, “but that is kind of my brand.”

This all takes place in the new documentary Paris, Not France. that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes (and behind the reality TV shows) look at Paris’ life. It of course sort of defrauds the whole idea of reality TV, but there’s no reason to keep pretending there’s anything real about it anyway.

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Get in Trouble with Chris Brown and Rihanna

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Cable TV is capitalizing on the scandalous post-Grammy headlines that paint Chris Brown as a woman-beater and a victim. They were two young, hot popstars. Now, they’re young, even hotter tabloid fodder. Want to see one version of this relationship?

will air Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love in Trouble on Monday night at 6pm EST. A presentation of MTV News, the special will be studded with specialists, journalists and other “experts” who will provide “insight” and “commentary” into how the recent events might unfold in the future. An audience of young Brown and Rihanna fans will pepper the stands, offering their take on the events.

The relationship between the pair, which lasted for about a year, will be retold and explored during the special. It will also delve into Brown’s background, which is said to be fraught with abuse. A relationship expert will also participate, offering insight and advice to help young people face domestic violence in their own relationships.

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Paris Hilton and Her New BFF

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MTV didn’t pull any punches when it came to the end of their reality project. First, there was the hour-long reunion show, a spectacle replete with cat fighting and mini-games. Next, there was the drama-infused finale, where Paris was asked to choose a BFF in either Brittany or Vanessa. But wait - there’s more! After the very drawn-out conclusion, MTV aired a 30-minute special showing Hilton’s friends welcoming the new BFF into their midst.

It was two and one-half hours of TV. And I watched it all.

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Britney Spears in the Spotlight

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was in court recently to discuss plans for her future, which could include a tour. A spokesman told reporters “there was a discussion of Ms. Spears’ future immediate business plans. Particularly touring in support of her album.”

Her latest album, Circus, debuts on the anniversary of her birth, December 2 (Spears will be 27). It can only be assumed the tour will follow on the heels of this event.

Spears will soon appear in a 90-minute MTV special schedule to air on November 30 (and no doubt, endlessly re-run afterward). The documentary, filmed three months ago, is titled Britney Spears: For the Record. She’ll discuss her marriage and subsequent divorce from as well as her current comeback.

Brit also talks candidly about her own feelings and fears. In one scene, as she heads toward the VMAs (where she eventually took home three awards), Spears admits worrying that MTV will show footage of her the year before. “I’m sad,” she confesses at one point.

But with a new tour in the works, an album that’s sure to be a hit and this new MTV deal, Brit’s not in a bad place. We’ve seen much, much worse.

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Barack Obama Makes His Statement

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In a highly presidential fashion, democratic White House contender bought up thirty minutes of network TV time (on several stations, no less) to directly address the American public he hopes to win over. It was all very State of the Union - and incredibly politically savvy. But did his message strike a chord with viewers?

Replete with clips of Obama’s more moving speeches and statements from fellow Democrats along with high-ranking CEOs and others, the half-hour infomercial put Barack right into the living rooms of U.S. voters. There was no stage, there were no other candidates jockeying for position or good sound bites; there was no or John McCain. It was, all in all, one of the best aspects of the entire campaign season thus far.

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Choose or Lose the Democratic Candidates

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MTV Logo Veterans, , and the Associated Press will all get together on Thursday to have a “candid discussion” (MTV) about the ongoing war in Iraq with the democratic Presidential hopefuls. Scheduled to last only one hour, the special will take up considerably less time than a standard democratic debate, and will air at the abysmal time of 6 pm EST (when it’s almost certain only about twenty people will catch it). The broadcast will be shown on all MTV-named channels (too numerous to list) and will be streamed across almost two thousand Web sites.

The sit-down discussion with Senators and is part of the Choose or Lose effort, geared toward getting the 18 to 30 set to vote. The special will take place in Pennsylvania, where a primary will be held April 22. MTV research indicates that those aged from 18 to 24 are most concerned with Iraq, with 6 out of 10 in this group personally knowing at least one person who has actively served in the war.

The event is to be commercial-free, words which frighten me because I’m sure the product placement from MTV will be off the charts. was also invited to participate, but scheduling conflicts caused him to beg off.

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The ‘Knight Rider’ Teaser

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So here it is, the teaser for the Knight Rider movie coming to next month.  I must say the network played it very smart.  The incredibly short clip will either whet your appetite or make you wonder what crappy scenes were left out.

The “two-hour event” - which may also a serve as the pilot for a new fall series - stars as Michael Knight’s son and (Arrested Development) as the voice of KITT.  It will also include a appearance (woo hoo!).  Be listening for the roar of the new Ford Mustang on Feb. 17th.

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Hollywood Reporter

Tuesday Ratings: NBC is The Biggest Winner

Despite two original episodes of Cane, reality programming helped the network win both the demos and the viewers.

The Biggest Loser



  • (2.5/7 in 18-49) topped the hour with 9 million.
  • The second hour of (7.8 million, 2.0/6) was about steady with its first half.
  • * (2.4/6) lost 5 million from last Tuesday.

*denotes repeat

(You can review last Tuesday’s ratings here.)

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