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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Star Hints at What’s to Come

Tom MisonAlthough the story of Sleepy Hollow has been revisted many times before, FOX picked up a series that has managed to provide an interesting take on the tale as well as engaging viewers with a humorous man-out-of-time protagonist and his very own kick-a**, Scully-esque, WOC partner. Tom Mison, who portrays Ichabod Crane in the series, took some time to chat about what fans can expect in the rest of the first season.

When questioned about his character continuing to wear 18th century garb, Mison explained that the topic will be addressed very soon: "He’s a long way from home, and 250 years away from home so anything that he can hold on to from his time, I think he certainly will. Any time you think of how much he stinks, just think of it as a big stinking security blanket that he carries around with him."

So far, Crane has appeared as either brave yet courteous or curious and innocent in the modern day, but Mison promises that we will indeed see another side of him: "There are different sides to him, and equally the well behaved and the less well behaved; the more unhinged Ichabod. There’s plenty of that to come."

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‘Shame’ Star Nicole Beharie Cast in Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Nicole BeharieNicole Beharie - best-known for her role opposite her now-boyfriend Michael Fassbender in 2011's Shame - has been tapped to play the female lead in a modern television adaptation of Sleepy Hollow.

Beharie will play a detective in the small town of Sleepy Hollow, poised to leave for the FBI Academy in a week when she gets involved with Ichabod Crane, a fugitive indicted for the murder of a policeman who claims to be a soldier from the Revolutionary War.

Fringe creators Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci are on board to pen the pilot and serve as executive producers for the FOX drama. Len Wiseman is set to direct the pilot.

Orlando Jones and Dexter's Katia Winter have also been cast as a detective and Ichabod Crane's wife, respectively.

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