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Ratings: Paula Abdul’s Dance Against Cowell-Less American Idol

Paula Abdul, Simon CowellWednesday night was epic for number-crunchers.

Paula Abdul’s new reality series Live to Dance competed for the same viewers in the same time slot as reality standard American Idol -- which no longer has Simon Cowell behind it. So, which reality series fared better?

Sadly, Abdul didn’t do too well. Live to Dance scored about 1 million in the key 18-49 demographic, compared to Idol’s 9.7.

The reality juggernaut is still down among its target audience, continuing its steady decline. But Idol isn't in serious trouble yet . . . and the same can't be said for Paula's Dance act. In the same time slot last year, sitcom reruns managed to pull down more viewers than Abdul’s reality contest.


Quote of the Day: Sarah Palin on Judge Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell on American Idol

“[Simon] Cowell can be a little harsh at times, but he upholds the highest standards and something in us recognizes and responds to that. Unfortunately Cowell is almost alone in his willingness to tell hard truths.”

- commenting about the American Idol judge in her new book America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag.

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Mariah Carey to Become US X Factor Judge?

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“Mariah Carey would be an amazing addition to the US show,” Simon Cowell told reporters recently when discussing his tateside version of The X Factor. “And she’s exactly the right caliber of star that we want for the show.”

Which means, American audiences know who she is. Cowell has been hoping to bring Cheryl Cole, a judge on the British version of the show, to his new X Factor … but US viewers probably won’t recognize her. “I’ve said I’d love Cheryl [Cole] out there, but whether it will happen, who knows?” Cowell told reporters.

If Carey were to join the show, she would be judging alongside Simon Cowell and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger.

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TV Talk: Justin Bieber Eyes X Factor, Atlanta Housewives Make a Move

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Justin Bieber-Could we see Simon Cowell working alongside Justin Bieber? According to The X Factor creator, the teen pop star has already expressed interest in guest judging a few of the episodes.

-Starting Nov. 7, Bravo TV will spread ithe programming wealth to Sundays. The Real Housewives of Atlanta -- currently airing on Mondays -- will make its move to weekends starting that evening.

-Former Food Network host Juan-Carlos Cruz has pleaded no contest in the death of his wife. The "Calorie Commando" -- who was accused of hiring two homeless men to kill Jennifer Campbell -- will be sentenced on December 13.

-CBS has ordered a pilot based on life swapping. The Same Name would see stars temporarily trading lives with non-celebs who happen to share -- you guessed it -- the same name.

Quote of the Day: Nigel Lythgoe on Idol After Simon Cowell


Simon Cowell

"We've had some incredible country voices -- in truth, Simon would have gotten rid of them straight-away because he wasn't a country fan. This season we have a 16-year-old kid with an incredible voice and a jazz kid who does this fabulous scat-singing. Again, we wouldn't have had him on the show because Simon would have said, 'He's not an American Idol! Get rid of him!' ... What you are definitely going to get this season is an American voice and American music."

-Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe on the benefits of Simon Cowell leaving American Idol.

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Katy Perry to Join US X-Factor?

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Katy PerryAccording to MTV, Katy Perry has been approached to become a judge on the US version of , the show for which Simon Cowell left American Idol. Reports say that Perry has been offered $340,000 a week to do the gig.

A source says that has very specific ideas about who he wants on the panel: “At least one massive American star, someone who is known globally, plus one Brit and at least one authoritative male.”

Rumor has it that and Cheryl Cole are also on the short list of possible X Factor judges.

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American Idol Denies Use of Auto-Tune Technology

American Idol with Andrew Lloyd Webber

“We have never, nor would we ever, use Auto-Tuning during the American Idol competition.”

That statement from Idol producers was prompted by the unfolding , which is taking on gargantuan proportions in the British press.

Auto-Tune is a pitch-altering technology used to make singers sound perfectly in tune. Auto-Tune has been used by many famous performers during live concerts and recording sessions, and it has also been used by British reality singing competition . Producers of the show admitted as much in recent statements, though they have denied using the technology during live events.

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Auto-Tune Scandal Unfolds on The X Factor

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The seventh season of Britain’s premiered as recently as August 21, and already it’s the most controversial the series has ever known. The flagship program for its parent network ITV, X Factor has been a reality TV mainstay in the UK - much in the same way that American Idol is a mainstay for the US.

That isn’t the only thing X Factor has in common with the popular US reality series. Like Idol, X Factor is a singing competition where one winner is crowned at the end of the season. Like Idol, X Factor is known for its harshest critic, . But in light of recent events, American reality fans are hoping that’s all that X Factor has in common with Idol.

Singers on the newest season of X Factor have very clearly had their voices altered with Auto-Tune, an audio processor which corrects pitch and helps singers sound perfectly in tune. may also be used to the opposite effect, making singers sound very much out of tune when it is applied incorrectly. Cher made the sound of Auto-Tune famous when she used on her “Believe” single. Other well-known singers to apply the technology include Janet Jackson, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

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Donald Trump or Chris Isaak for American Idol?

Chris Isaak“Somebody’s Crying” singer Chris Isaak may soon have reason to smile.

According to a new report, the performer best known for the song “Wicked Game” is being considered to replace judge Simon Cowell. Isaak, who has also acted in film and television, has already met with network executives twice about the job.

Chris is just one of several musicians rumored for the coveted position. Kara DioGuardi’s choice, Harry Connick Jr., has been mentioned. Meanwhile, an eager Bret Michaels is supposedly out of the running.

Figures outside of the recording industry have also expressed interest in filling the vacancy. Despite his association with NBC, is reportedly one of those who has thrown their hat into the ring.

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VIDEO: Kara DioGuardi Makes Her Vote for American Idol Judge

Surprise, surprise - Paula Abdul and have a difference of opinion.

Although Abdul has said rock Bret Michaels would “be awesome” as a possible replacement for Simon Cowell, her


former co-worker has someone else envisioned for that empty seat.

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