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America’s Got Talent Crowns Winner

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David Hasselhoff OK, so I couldn’t stomach the drawn out finale of America’s Got Talent—with promises of a performance by The Hoff (see creepy pic, right), I’m sure I’m not the only one who tuned out. But at the end of it all, only one talented American was left standing… and that honor goes to… Terry Fator! I know! The puppet dude won the whole kit and kaboodle. I was more than a little surprised, but I haven’t been following along to see if his talent truly eclipsed the other finalists. I’m just surprised that the voting audience would select a ventriloquist. He was up against reggae singer Cas Haley, beatboxer Butterscotch and country singer Julienne Irwin. Fator is one lucky guy, nabbing a million-dollar prize and giving ventriloquists everywhere a reason to continue with their craft. I’m not knocking them, but I would have thought this was a dying art. He also gets to headline at Bally’s Resort in Vegas, so that’s no chump change either. Also pretty cool? Fator got to do a duet with none other than Kermit the Frog, who is one of my most beloved Muppets. No, seriously, I’ve seen every Muppet movie countless times and had Kermit and Miss Piggy sheets and comforter when I was a kid. Sadly, that’s no joke. At any rate, congrats to Terry Fator!

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‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Last Comic Standing’ Renewed

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David Hasselhoff I finally caught America’s Got Talent for the first time, and only because an area a cappella group, The Fault Line, managed to land in the semi-finals. Yep, I thought I should watch and give my support—after all, I did see them perform in the food court of the local mall. Imagine if they won… I’d be, like, famous by association or proximity… or… oh, wait. They didn’t make it to the finals, so now my hopes of semi-fame are up in smoke. And do I continue to watch the show? Nope. The Hoff is creepy and Sharon Osbourne is nothing without her incoherent husband and annoying kids by her side. Fear not though, the talent competition has been renewed for next summer, thus making producer Simon Cowell just that much richer. Also joining the summer renewals is Last Comic Standing, which had me tuning in hit-or-miss the first few seasons and then lost me entirely this season. According to Craig Plestis, NBC’s executive vice president of alternative programming, “Both of these innovative series have proven to be summer staples and important franchises for NBC. We have the most-watched show in America’s Got Talent and one of the most upscale series in Last Comic Standing, and now viewers can look forward to seeing these popular brand series with fresh new shows again next summer.” America’s Got Talent airs live on August 21; Last Last Comic Standing will air the season finale live on September 19. 

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Sharon Osbourne Judging ‘Talent’

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Sharon OsbourneIt’s official… Sharon Osbourne will be taking over judging duties for Brandy on America’s Got Talent. She’ll be joined by David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan for the second season of the hit talent competition. According to NBC executive vice president Craig Plestis, “Sharon Osbourne is show business personified and she has seen and done it all. She will make an excellent fit with David and Piers, who we’re delighted to have back for another great season.” Yawn. How about the real reason for replacing Brandy this season? If you recall, Brandy was the cause of a Los Angeles car accident that involved four cars and ultimately killed one motorist. She is currently facing wrongful death lawsuits and may be charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. Brandy’s rep said, “Brandy has enjoyed her association with [America’s Got Talent]. However, she felt she couldn’t give the new season the attention and commitment it deserved.” I’m not sure what Osbourne can bring to the table, but this show is already so kooky, what’s one more nutty lady? And don’t forget, Jerry Springer is taking over as host. The show will begin May 29 at 9 p.m.

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