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Dancing with the Stars 10: The Contestants are Paired Up

Last night, ABC revealed the names making up the roster for . Today, we learned how those 11 contestants will be paired up.

Although the list is significantly shorter than Season 9’s, the producers managed to squeeze in an entirely new professional (Damian Whitewood) and a familiar face (Ashly DelGrosso).

Analyze the new teams after the jump and give us your early predictions now! DWTS kicks off its new season on March 22.

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The Official Dancing with the Stars 10 Cast

Dancing with the Stars logo

On tonight’s finale of The Bachelor, Tom Bergeron - with help from former contestant Melissa Rycroft - revealed the newest competitors of .

For the program’s tenth outing, only 11 celebrities will compete for the mirror ball trophy—that’s down from the overloaded 16-contestant season last fall. Like previous rounds, this installment will include another football player, All My Children star, Beverly Hills, 90210 alum and Olympic athlete.

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Shannen Doherty Changes Her Image in New Series

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Shannen Doherty’s non-bitchy side will be displayed on an upcoming reality series, tentatively titled Shannen.

According to gossip, Doherty has already met with several networks. The series itself is supposed to show how funny Shannen is, and could even contain scripted elements that belie its reality premise.

So far, Doherty is keeping pretty quiet about the project. “I’ll be back on TV very soon,” she recently hinted to the press. “There will be an announcement very soon. I promise you that.”

This will be the first Shannen-centric series since the ill-fated Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty (2006) on Oxygen.

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Doherty Return a Done Deal for 90210

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Description I knew there was a good reason I kept watching 90210 even after Brenda Walsh randomly disappeared. The CW has officially announced that will return to the series to do two episodes for sure. She might even do more (please, Shannen, do more!).

Doherty left the original after four short years in 1994. Despite re-emerging on TV several times over, she’s still Brenda Walsh to most of the viewing public. And it only took her four episodes to find Walsh-like fame once more.

She’ll reprise her role again in the 11th and 12th episodes, scheduled to air next month, and will appear on screen with ’s Kelly Taylor yet again. Think we can manage to keep watching until she returns?

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90210 to Reunite Walsh Twins?

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Brandon and Brenda Walsh fans (many of whom are really just Beverly Hills, 90210 fans, now older but perhaps not wiser in their TV choices) have been waiting for the day when the new series will reunite two very important members from the original cast: Brenda and Brandon Walsh. New buzz suggests that Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty may be paired on the show again…just not the way we really want.

Priestley has at last agreed to appear on the set, though not to reprise his role as Brandon. Instead, he’ll come back to direct. Priestley previously directed eighteen episodes of the original series way back in the 90s, and has more recently directed a couple of episodes of the ABC Family hit .

“I think I sort of ran the gamut with Brandon - 249 episodes,” said to Access last June. “I think Brandon did his time.”

But Brenda did not. CW reps have confirmed that will do two new episodes for the series. Will Priestley direct his on-screen sister? On that issue, the CW isn’t confirming or denying the possibility. “I think it would be a kick for Jason,” said executive producer Gabe Sachs. “But we don’t know whether that will happen yet.”

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Doherty in Talks for More 90210 Episodes

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Shannen DohertyAlthough she was originally signed on for only four episodes, it looks like 90210 may be graced with more Shannen Doherty appearances this season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Shannen will be adding two more episodes to her IMDB profile. While the deal has not yet been confirmed, its reportedly just a matter of her signing on the dotted line.

Meanwhile, another Beverly Hills, 90210 alum has just agreed to put in some hours on the CW set. Jason Priestley - who still has no current intentions to be in front of the camera - is now scheduled to direct the drama’s 18th episode. That hour is expected to air sometime in the spring.

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90210 Co-Stars Speak Out on Singled-Out Skinnies

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Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup

Earlier today, original rumor-enshrouded magazine queen Shannen Doherty spoke up on the topic of her skinny co-stars.

While on ’s radio show, Doherty addressed the current gossip goings-on surrounding skinny minnies Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup (Annie and Silver on the show). “I see those girls and they eat on the set, so I’m pretty sure they’re not starving themselves,” Doherty stated.

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90210 Secret Out: Is This The End?

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The biggest mystery was finally revealed last night, settling a lot of questions among fans of the parent series. But now that we all know the identity of the father of Kelly Taylor’s baby, are we going to keep watching the show?

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Shannen Doherty Off the 90210 Set

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Shannen Doherty

’s first stint on Beverly Hills, 90210 lasted four short years. Doherty’s time on the new 90210 spin-off will last only for four episodes. And suddenly, I’m no longer at all excited about this series.

This week’s episode was rather dismal - lacking Doherty completely, as it did - focusing mainly on Kelly’s sister Silver and her bad home life. Naomi also discovered that her father is cheating on her mother - and her mother doesn’t care (how Beverly Hills is that). Kelly dropped precious few hints about the paternity of her child. Her and the father had a “history” together in High School, evidently - which still leaves the possibilities at three, though I’m still rooting for Steve.

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Is Beverly Hills Ready for Doherty?

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Shannen Doherty as Brenda WalshShannen Doherty Ready to Reprise

It took fourteen years, but this evening heralds the much-anticipated return of Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh) to one of the country’s most famous zip codes: .

Today her face graces magazine covers and the entertainment media is holding its breath to see the star re-emerge in her most famous role. After fading to the background of relative obscurity for the last decade, is suddenly very prominently in the spotlight.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel it,” said Doherty, 37, of her newfound popularity with the press. “It definitely feels good. It also feels scary.” When asked about this scary success, Doherty explained, “who wants to talk about stuff they did fifteen years ago?”

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