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Dancing with the Stars 10: The Contestants are Paired Up

Last night, ABC revealed the names making up the roster for . Today, we learned how those 11 contestants will be paired up.

Although the list is significantly shorter than Season 9’s, the producers managed to squeeze in an entirely new professional (Damian Whitewood) and a familiar face (Ashly DelGrosso).

Analyze the new teams after the jump and give us your early predictions now! DWTS kicks off its new season on March 22.

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The Official Dancing with the Stars 10 Cast

Dancing with the Stars logo

On tonight’s finale of The Bachelor, Tom Bergeron - with help from former contestant Melissa Rycroft - revealed the newest competitors of .

For the program’s tenth outing, only 11 celebrities will compete for the mirror ball trophy—that’s down from the overloaded 16-contestant season last fall. Like previous rounds, this installment will include another football player, All My Children star, Beverly Hills, 90210 alum and Olympic athlete.

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Shannen Doherty Changes Her Image in New Series

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Shannen Doherty’s non-bitchy side will be displayed on an upcoming reality series, tentatively titled Shannen.

According to gossip, Doherty has already met with several networks. The series itself is supposed to show how funny Shannen is, and could even contain scripted elements that belie its reality premise.

So far, Doherty is keeping pretty quiet about the project. “I’ll be back on TV very soon,” she recently hinted to the press. “There will be an announcement very soon. I promise you that.”

This will be the first Shannen-centric series since the ill-fated Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty (2006) on Oxygen.

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90210 Finale Offers Fireworks

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Ethan admitted his feelings for Silver, Naomi got into a screaming match with Annie, hottie Liam got dragged off to Godonlyknowswhere…and the main character might’ve killed someone at the end of the episode. All in all, it was a pretty good first season finale for .

To backtrack, the episode followed up on the Sophomore Prom (an event which does not exist at any high school I’ve ever known…but then who knows what the kids are doing these days). Naomi () decided to host the after party at her house, a decision which led to the culmination of several different story lines.

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Tori Spelling Returns to 90210

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Tori Spelling returned to the to film new episodes which will begin airing as early as next week. All these years later, and Aaron Spelling’s daughter found herself again acting opposite Jennie Garth - and on the same show where they first met, no less.

“At first, I was really nervous,” said in a recent interview with ET, when asked about returning to work on the show. “It was like being the new kid at school.” But, Tori added, she soon remembered what it felt like to be Donna Martin.

Rumor has it that Spelling refused to work with fellow Beverly Hills alum , but apparently there’s no bad blood between her and Jennie Garth. “I thank my stars for her. She’s so much fun,” Garth said of working again with Spelling.

Tori’s first episode airs next Tuesday on the CW at 9 pm ET.

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90210 Season 2 Shockers

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The buzz around ’s second season has already begun, and fans of the show are in for a ride. Expect to see “significant” changes…even involving the main cast.

Dustin Milligan, the actor behind the hot jock character Ethan, is no longer part of that main cast. His contract isn’t being renewed, though Milligan may make another handful of appearances to wrap up or move along certain story lines.

Interestingly, Matt Lanter (who plays newcomer Liam) will be bumped up to regular cast member in the second season. New episodes of 90210‘s first season, still in progression, will return this Tuesday night after several weeks on hiatus. The first new installment will feature both Liam and Ethan in an episode that will advance both their stories.

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90210: What Will Happen to Adrianna’s Baby?

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’s reformed bad girl Adrianna has been thrown headlong into one of the most interesting story lines of the whole season: unwanted teen pregnancy. So, what will the Beverly Hills beauty do? Will the character become a teen mother, rearing a child even as she continues with her acting career? Or will the tyke be adopted by a different 90210 character…maybe even Brenda Walsh?

Everyone has a theory, but no one seems to have the scoop - not even the actors. Reporters recently caught up with Maeve Quinlan, who plays Adrianna’s mom on the show, at a poker event. “We still don’t even know,” the actress answered when asked whether or not Adrianna (played by Jessica Lowndes) will keep the child.

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Tori Spelling to Fill Shannen Doherty Gap

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Tori SpellingAccording to reports, is finishing up talks to appear in a few episodes of 90210. Some say Spelling’s initial reluctance to rejoin the cast (Spelling reportedly backed out after agreeing to appear) stems from a dislike for Shannen Doherty.

But since the Brenda Walsh storyline is running dry and Shannen’s commitment to the show is coming to a close, Spelling may finally agree to assume the role of Donna Martin…again. Reps for the show have confirmed that Tori is finalizing her deal, meaning it’s only a matter of time before a Spelling is back on the set.

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90210: First Bombshells Dropped

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90210 Cast

returned to TV last night after a long mid-season break. For days, the promos titillated us, promising more drama, more twists and more shock. Did last night’s episode deliver?

After finding out that ’s Brenda Walsh can’t have kids (and might adopt - yowzah!), former druggie Adrianna Duncan (played by Jessica Lowndes) is preggers, half-brother Sean (Josh Henderson) was really a con man and that the cute cheerleader Christina Worthy (Lauren London) is a bisexual, it’s hard to imagine there could be more.

But rest assured, 90210 fans…there will be more.

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90210: No Longer a Spelling-Free Zip?

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Tori Spelling is rumored to be in talks, again, with the CW hit 90210. According to gossip, the producers would love to get Spelling on set to reprise her role as good girl Donna Martin, perhaps even while former cast mate Jason Priestley is directing. With Jennie Garth and Shannon Doherty on and off the set, 90210 could soon be the site of an old home week for the actors.

Spelling and CW reps have remained mum on the subject, but allegedly the minds behind want to feature Donna toward the end of the season. They are currently talking, which is always a good sign.

Tori originally to join the cast for a few episodes, but bowed out after giving birth to a new baby girl. Industry gossip says that Spelling wasn’t offered the same monetary amount as Doherty and Garth, which became the real reason Tori dropped the project.

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