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The Future of Glee: Spoilers for the Show’s Long-Term Plans

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The cast and crew of have barely stopped to rest since Season 1 ended last spring. Numerous press junkets have kept the stars of the series busy, which is good news for Gleeks.

After the runaway success of Season 1, there’s lots more Glee to come. The writers and producers are looking ahead to the show’s future - far, far ahead. Keep reading to get the spoilers the rest of the world won’t know about for a few more seasons (don’t worry, we’ve got Season 2 spoilers, too)...

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Glee Says No to Javier Bardem, Yes to Britney Spears

Today in our moment of , we have some good news and bad news to share.

First, the disappointing item. Despite what we were lead to believe, Oscar winner Javier Bardem will not be appearing on the show next season after all. (It was too good to be true, right?) Although the actor was reportedly going to play some Spanish heavy metal with Artie (Kevin McHale), the rumor didn’t pan out.

“No, javierbardemjenniferanistonjuliarobertsbradpittelvis katieholmestomcruiseandu2 are not appearing in season 2. But wouldn’t it be fun….” an executive producer for the program wrote on Twitter.

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Glee Cast, Crew React to Emmy Nods

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“I was obviously thrilled for all of them,” Glee creator Ryan Murphy said of the show’s whopping 19 Emmy nominations, “but the one that I was just like, ‘holy s&^t, that is just great!’ was .”

Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel on the series, scored a nod in the Best Supporting Actor category. Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and Jon Cryer (Two And a Half Men) are also among the list of nominees.

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Javier Bardem to Rock Glee’s World?

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Javier BardemUPDATE: Holmes’ rep says the rumor is not true. (Thank goodness.)

Even if Julia Roberts doesn’t make a guest appearance on Glee, there’s a very good chance another Oscar winner will.

According to Entertainment Weekly, one of Julia’s co-stars is reportedly scheduled to visit the FOX series next season. , who also worked with creator Ryan Murphy when he directed Eat Pray Love, reportedly pitched the idea of a cameo.

So what will the No Country for Old Men star do on the comedy? “We’re going to rock the house,” Javier said about playing a rock star who becomes friends with the New Directions’ Artie (). “We’re going to do some heavy metal — Spanish heavy metal, which is the worst.” (In the event you’re wondering about Bardem’s singing abilities, he was original supposedly to star in the film adaptation of Nine.)

Meanwhile, it’s being rumored that Katie Holmes has snagged a five-episode arc on the series as well. Holmes reportedly developed a relationship with Murphy after working with Dianna Agron on the upcoming film The Romantics.

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Glee Reality Show Nixed

Months after announcing a which would depict the search for contestants on the series, FOX has released a new announcement saying the project has been nixed. Series creator Ryan Murphy doesn’t want to spread himself too thin, so he’ll continue to keep the bulk of his focus on Glee.

When the announcement for the -centric reality series was made, would-be contestants were asked to post videos on MySpace. The show would detail the search to fill three roles on the series from a pool of contestants selected by the free-for-all submissions. Great idea, right? So, why is the whole thing in the can now?

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More Glee Season 2 Spoilers

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There’s a long stretch of summer between us and the next new episode of . Thankfully, co-creator Ryan Murphy is willing to share a few exciting tidbits from the upcoming Season 2. Who’s getting a new boyfriend? Which diva is getting a new rival? And where will the season finale take place? We’ve got all the info, so keep reading to get the latest spoilers…

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Will Susan Boyle Guest Star on Glee?

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Susan Boyle GleeRumors are circulating that YouTube phenomenon may make a guest appearance on Glee, FOX’s scripted musical hit. The powers-that-be on the show are trying to get Boyle signed up for Season 2’s Christmas episode. But…what role would she play?

“I have two words for you: Lunch Lady,” said show co-creator Ryan Murphy. “I think Kurt [played by Chris Colfer] would just die to give her a Christmas makeover. I don’t even know if she’s interested, but it’s been pitched.”

No worries there. Boyle - or at least, Boyle’s management - is likely to be interested. has already lined up big guest stars over its successful first season, and it’s the most buzzworthy new show of the year.

Even if Susan Boyle doesn’t stop by Glee to brighten the holiday, Gleeks have nothing to fear: a Christmas album will be released in time for gift-giving season.

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Glee Planning a Britney Spears Episode?

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Sue Sylvester GleeBritney’s manager really enjoyed the Madonna-themed episode of Glee - so much that he’s bucking to get Spears tunes on the popular series. According to our sources, show creator Ryan Murphy thinks it might not be a bad idea.

“I’m interested in the idea. I’ve always loved her. I’m entertaining it,” Murphy replied when questioned about the idea by the press. Britney Spears isn’t the only artist who’s being considered for her own episode, however. According to Murphy, other featured artists on Glee could include names like Courtney Love, Led Zeppelin and Billy Joel.

From “Piano Man” to “Miss World” on the same series? Sounds like to me.

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Glee Planning Another Evening with Madonna

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Sue Sylvester performing Vogue on Glee

FOX has already announced plans to spend another “holiday” with .

Less than 24 hours after the debut of their successful - and clipped - Material Girl-themed hour, the show’s creator confirmed that a sequel is in the works. The episode - which may consist of six songs voted on by fans - will likely air in Season 2.

“Madonna and her people are into it and want it to happen,” Ryan Murphy told EW. Of course, she does. What smart marketer wouldn’t want their songs highlighted on an extremely popular series? (This may be why Britney Spears’ manager has started a campaign to get her songs on the show.)

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Quote of the Day: Madonna on Tonight’s Episode of Glee

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Glee on cover of TV Guide

“I thought the Madonna episode of was brilliant on every level. The dialogue and the entire script was genius. I completely appreciated the layers of irony, especially when all those macho boys sang ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl.’ I also loved the fantastic performances of ‘Vogue,’ ‘Express Yourself’ and all the messages about the boys being respectful to girls. The entire cast was amazing. They’re all so talented. I especially loved Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and Kurt Hummel’s (Chris Colfer) characters. [Show creator] Ryan Murphy did a great job bringing all these elements together. [Daughter] Lola loved the show too. I wish I went to a high school like that…If only.”

- commenting on the the Glee episode featuring her music. (“The Power of Madonna” airs tonight @ 9:00.)

(Make sure to check out our other notable quotes.)

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