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Richard Hatch Re-Arrested After TV Interview

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UPDATE: Richard’s sister and attorney claim the arrest was a result of him doing the interview.

is having a very interesting day.

Early Tuesday morning, Hatch’s interview with Matt Lauer - the one where he claimed homosexuality was a factor in his wrongful conviction - aired on the Today show. Hours later, the winner was once again behind bars.

Richard, who recently served nearly four years in prison on tax evasion charges, had been under house arrest at his sister’s home in Newport, R.I. Although he was due to be released from home confinement on Oct. 7, he was picked up by authorities today for reasons undisclosed by federal authorities.

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Will Richard Hatch Survive in the Supreme Court?

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Richard Hatch

The first reality TV-made millionaire, Survivor , is prepared to take his tax evasion case all the way to the Supreme Court…but that doesn’t mean the highest body of lawmakers in the land will have anything to do with him.

Richard Hatch was convicted in 2006 of the same crime which took down mob kingpin Al Capone - income tax evasion. Hatch was sentenced to serve four years in prison for failure to pay a portion of the $1 million prize he received from winning . But Hatch isn’t going to go quietly.

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Survivor Richard Hatch Appears Nude… Again

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Richard Hatch Richard Hatch, the winner of the original Survivor, will appear nude in an upcoming film, Another Gay Movie. Hatch was famous on Survivor for often walking around undressed. Luckily for viewers, his “naked bits” were digitized out before broadcasting. However, the film shows a full frontal nude scene - in its entirety.

Apparently, the independent film received mixed reviews recently at a screening at the Outfest film festival, in L.A.

The film will be released to the public on July 28, but Hatch, 45, will be released to the public sometime later. He is currently finishing up a 51-month prison sentence for tax evasion - for failing to declare his $1 million Survivor prize among other income.

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Will Richard Hatch ‘Survive’ Prison?

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Richard hatchRichard Hatch, notorious winner of popular reality show Survivor’s first season, has found himself in a bit of jam: jammed in behind bars, in fact, possibly with a hulking cellmate named Tiny.

Hatch is facing up to 13 years in prison for not paying his taxes, primarily taxes on the $1,000,000 he won on Survivor; pretty stupid, considering the entire television-viewing world knew he had it. IRS agents watch TV, don’t they? In a move worthy of the best big-headed celebrities, Hatch demanded protective custody until his hearing on April 25. Do you think his cellmates will find him as obnoxious as we did?

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Breaking Reality News: Richard Hatch Found Guilty Of Tax Evasion

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Richard Hatch GuiltyThe reality show star that everyone loves to hate—that would be Richard Hatch, not Simon Cowell—has now been voted out

by another jury of his peers.  A Rhode Island jury has just found him guilty of failing to pay taxes on the prize money he won in Season 1 of Survivor.  While being acquitted of several fraud charges, he was also found guilty of evading taxes on other business ventures.  The 44-year-old is now facing up to 13 years in prison and a $600,000 fine.