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State of the Union: Done With the Past

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For the second time in his presidency, President Barack Obama stood before the nation to deliver the State of the Union on Tuesday night. Many viewers had the option of skipping the speech because it was leaked online some two hours before the president took his podium. In the Information Age, nothing is sacred.

Obama opened by mentioning the Tucson tragedy, calling attention to the grim, empty seat within the chamber. But he quickly moved forward in the speech, talking at length about America’s greatness and spirit of innovation. It all felt a little empty … until Obama broke the ice with his first really great joke.

“I have heard rumors that a few of you still have concerns about our new health care law.” It came a little late into the speech, but it was the line that united the room. Laughter is much more heartfelt than forced applause, and at last the President of the United States was off and running.

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Preview President Obama’s Appearance on Mythbusters

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President Barack Obama may be having difficulty raising his approval numbers, but can he get one of the world's biggest mysteries solved?

This week on Mythbusters, Obama will task hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman with re-testing the myth of Archimedes Solar Ray -- the supposed weapon that destroyed Roman ships around 200 B.C. by using only mirrors and the sun.

The episode will air Wednesday night at 9 P.M. on the Discovery Channel.

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VIDEO: President Obama on The Daily Show

The President of the United States of America appeared on Comedy Central’s Daily Show Wednesday night … but if you thought Barack Obama was going to spend his time trading quips with host Jon Stewart, you were wrong.

Stewart, as usual, set the tone for the interview immediately: serious but fun. He solemnly addressed the President and shook his hand before presenting him with Mug Force One -- a classic Daily Show cup, embellished in celebration of the occasion.

The two got down to hard-hitting issues right away. Stewart opened up the floor to talk about health care, Congress -- Obama’s entire administration.

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President Barack Obama to Appear on The Daily Show

The Daily Show has officially announced that President Barack Obama will become the first sitting president to appear on the series. The leader of the free world is scheduled to visit the late night talk show Wednesday, October 27.

Obama himself is a friend of the show -- he appeared via video conferencing only days before the 2008 presidential election (view that moment in the clip above).

The president's appearance is surely no coincidence. Comedy Central isn’t exactly a big news media outlet, but in its way the cable network is an active contributor to pop culture and the way people view the political landscape. Strongly left-oriented, Comedy Central’s audience is in Obama’s target Democratic and left-leaning undecided demographic … and the midterm elections are now less than a dozen days away.

Will you be tuning it to hear the President’s message?

President Obama to Make Mythbusters Appearance

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President Barack Obama will appear on the December 8 episode of Mythbusters, a show dedicated to disproving movie myths and other urban legends.

The Discovery Channel is offering few tidbits about the presidential appearance, but they did say the episode includes this question: "Did Greek scientist Archimedes set fire to an invading Roman fleet using only mirrors and the reflected rays of the sun?"

The Obama appearance will help promote the White House’s current message of science education.

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President Obama to Appear on The View

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Barack Obama on The View

This Thursday’s broadcast of will mark two significant returns: the return of President Barack Obama and the (brief) return of Barbara Walters.

Although Obama has chatted with the ladies before, he hasn’t visited the program since March 2008 - when he was just a U.S. senator. Meanwhile, Walters - who is still taking time off to recover from her heart surgery - will make a special appearance for the event.

The hour is not only a coup for the The View, but for daytime television overall. This is the first time a sitting president has guested on a daytime talk show.

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VIDEO: Leno Uses Old Talk Show Jokes for Correspondents’ Dinner

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What’s worse than an evening full of lame jokes? Being entertained by a comedian who recycled them.

Although he was clearly headlining the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this Saturday, Tonight Show host Jay Leno apparently thought he was participating in NBC’s Green Week.

How else could he possibly explain writing a routine made up of old jokes?

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Will the White House Interfere with Lost’s Premiere?

UPDATE: It appears the White House will stay clear of February 2nd.

Note to all you fans out there: If those folks inside the White House don’t play nicely, we may be forced to wait for our Season 6 premiere.

Although the networks have managed to plan out their schedules (for the most part) months in advance, organizers in D.C. have a bit more difficulty getting things pinned down. As of today, President Obama’s administration has slated either January 26 or February 2 as the day for Obama’s first State of the Union speech. Should they choose to go with the latter date, we probably won’t be going back to the island until February 9.

Are you as irked as a I am? If so, feel free to join the masses by tweeting with the hashtag #NoStateofUnionFeb2. In the meantime, get a recap of the first five seasons in approximately 8 minutes.

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Wednesday Ratings: Country Experiencing Obama Fatigue

Looks like President Obama wasn’t what viewers had in mind for sweeps. Last night’s umpteenth press conference was seen by 29% less people than the March 24th version. Although FOX was able to beat the other networks for its airing of Lie to Me, the strategic move was probably a moot point. American Idol would have given the network a win anyway.

Barack Obama8pm

  • (7.9 million, 2.4/7 in 18-49) did the same as last week.
  • NBC’s coverage of the presser (1.6/5) drew in 6.7 million.
  • ABC’s political hour (1.6/5) attracted 6.1 million.
  • Approximately 6 million watched the president on CBS (1.5/5).
  • (4 million, 1.8/6) remained steady.

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What are President Obama’s Favorite Shows?

EntourageCould President Obama’s secret love of HBO have anything to do with the channel’s inaugural coverage?

Thanks to his highly-publicized selections before the NCAA tournament, the country already knows that our POTUS likes to watch a little basketball. But what other programs does he like to follow when he has some free time?

Although he referenced Simon Cowell during his recent appearance on Jay Leno, American Idol apparently doesn’t rank at the top of Obama’s must watch list. According to Politico, the President has a preference for two shows coincidentally on the same pay channel.

“We would talk about all the time,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs revealed. “I remember one time I e-mailed him because [a] call was scheduled for the last 15 minutes of Entourage and I said, ‘Just be late and we can just watch Entourage and still get on and do the call,’” Gibbs added. (On a side note: Jeremy Piven’s character is based on Ari Emanuel, the Chief of Staff’s real-life brother.)

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