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Naomi Campbell Feared Television

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Naomi CampbellNaomi Campbell has always been "afraid" of being on television. The 42-year-old British beauty mentors aspiring models on new show The Face and admitted she initially felt uncomfortable at the thought of being on camera as she has always been keen to protect her privacy.

"I always said I don't want to do television because I was afraid of it, to be honest, and what the fear was, [was] that I had tried to live as privately as I [could] so I didn't feel it would be in my comfort zone to have a camera following me around. But this was a whole different thing. It's not that way at all. It's me getting to share 26 years of what I have been blessed to learn and know and find out about and achieve, with girls who want to be in our business and that's far more fun."

At the height of her career, Naomi - along with Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Kate Moss - was regarded as a supermodel but she dislikes the term, and believes it is now overused in reference to current "working models."

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Ricky Martin Won’t Be a Nasty Judge

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Ricky MartinRicky Martin has no plans to reveal his nasty side on The Voice Australia.

The "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer - who is set to finish his stint performing in Evita on Broadway on January 26 - has signed on to judge the second series of the show but the Grammy winner said he won't be the show's version of Simon Cowell.

The 40-year-old star told the Huffington Post, "I don't believe in tough love. I believe in love, and I believe in being nurturing to new talented men and women."

Ricky is heavily involved in the development of a new dramedy series tackling social issues with a sense of humor for NBC that he will produce, write and star in. The series is expected to hit screens next year.

"It's about growing. It's a moment in my life where I just need to absorb and be surrounded by amazing actors and musicians and grow as an entertainer. I think this is going to be an amazing year for that," he said.

Dolly Parton: “I Turned Down X Factor”

Dolly PartonDolly Parton has turned down American Idol and The X Factor. The legendary singer was approached to join both shows as a judge over the years but admitted the only TV talent search she would ever consider appearing on is The Voice because it is more nurturing to its contestants.

"I've been asked to do American Idol and The X Factor almost every time there's a new season. [On The Voice] you don't have to judge that much and I hesitate to judge people," she said.

Dolly previously revealed she will always be grateful to Whitney Houston for making her song "I Will Always Love You" famous and credits her friends and God with preventing her from going down the same road as the tragic singer, who drowned following an accidental overdose in a hotel bathtub in February: "I thank God every day for that song - and Whitney made it popular worldwide. It's a very simple song, really, as simple as anything I've ever written. I've always had good and close friends, and a spiritual faith. God will take the wrong people and things out, and teach me to have the right people and the right things. Some people don't have that, and that's where it can go wrong."

Adam Levine Fears Shakira

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Adam Levine on 'The Voice'Adam Levine is terrified of Shakira.

The Maroon 5 singer will be joined on The Voice by the singer and Usher next season when they replace Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera, but he has no plans to subject her to any initiation ceremonies because he knows the pregnant star is more than a match for him.

"[Fellow coach] Blake Shelton and I don't have it in our hearts to do anything terrible and I know Shakira, she could knock me out," he said.

While he is excited about working with Shakira, Adam will miss Christina, despite their bickering on the show: "We never hated each other. It was just silly bickering, like brother and sister. That's in the past, I'll miss her next season."

Usher Excited About The Voice

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UsherUsher can't wait to "nourish talent" on The Voice.

The "OMG" hitmaker and Shakira will join the panel of the singing competition next season as replacements for Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green and Usher - who famously mentored Justin Bieber - is excited about discovering new stars and guiding their careers.

"This is an opportunity for me to allow [audiences] into the world and into that process of [artist development]... it kind of gives credence to what artist development is truly all about and [The Voice]. I think, is really sustaining the artists of the future. The point is, being a part of The Voice gives me that opportunity to not only spot talent but nourish it and also allow the world to be a part of that process."

Usher is also excited that the competition isn't concerned with how its contestants look but instead judges them on their talent. "The cool part about The Voice is that it starts with the voice and obviously it's going to end with the voice. If you make an incredible record, it lasts forever," he added.

Christina Aguilera Will Miss Adam Levine

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Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine love to prank their fellow The Voice coaches. The "Your Body" singer recently announced she will take a break from the show next season in order to focus on her new album and Christina admitted leaving will be "bittersweet" because she has so much fun with her fellow mentors.

"It's bittersweet. I so enjoy being a coach to my team on The Voice [and] and at this point in season three, all of us coaches have truly bonded. When me and Adam are on breaks backstage, you know, we're writing profanity with my red lipstick all over Blake [Shelton]'s trailer while he's napping inside. It's like we have definitely become like brother and sister. We goof around and play around. I'm going to miss it," she told E! News.

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Marc Anthony Signs up to Be a US X Factor Mentor

Marc AnthonyMarc Anthony has signed up to be a mentor on the US X Factor.

The Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter will be working alongside Simon Cowell on the talent show, helping the music mogul pick his finalists for his category, which is believed to be the groups.

This news comes just over a week after it was reveled that pop star Justin Bieber had also been enlisted as a mentor on the show. He was spotted at Simon's rival judge L.A. Reid's house helping him select the most talented acts from his category, rumored to be the over-25s.

Justin - who was signed to Island Def Jam by L.A. - wrote on Twitter, "Long day but great day. @LA_Reid @ScooterBraun just like old times! thanks (sic)"

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Nelly Had No Idea Joe Jonas Was So Famous

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The Next mentors: Nelly, Gloria Estefan, Joe Jonas, and John Rich

Joe Jonas has surprised his The Next co-stars with how famous he is.

The Jonas Brothers singer will star with Nelly, Gloria Estefan and country star John Rich in the reality TV show which will see them mentor rising stars of the music scene and Nelly admitted he had no idea how famous the Jonas Brothers were. "Joe Jonas, obviously I didn't know what I was embarking on with this kid here. He got little girls staying out two or three days in advance trying to get tickets to the show for this dude," Nelly told MTV News.

Nelly also revealed he is thrilled to be working with Gloria Estefan because he had no idea she would be so "cool." He added, "The thing about Gloria is she's cool, yo. I didn't know that she would really be that cool considering - not considering anything, you never wanna assume, but you just never know because you're hanging with people now on a daily basis and attitudes show eventually, but there hasn't been any."

FOX: Messing with American Idol’s Success

American Idol is considered by many to be America’s favorite reality program, and the ratings seem to support that claim. No less than 30 million tuned in to watch Jordin Sparks take last year’s crown, but this year the formula may be a bit different than audiences remember.

Season 7 will feature a new twist: guitars. Contestants on the upcoming season will be allowed to accompany themselves, and fewer big-name mentors will be booked. Show execs report that 160 will make it to Hollywood week during the first few airings of the show, though the standard format of 12 girls and 12 boys will still be invoked for the big-stage performances that follow.

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