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Matt Damon to Guest on 30 Rock

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Matt Damon laughing

He’s already made appearances on Will & Grace and Entourage, now Invictus star is headed to another TV comedy: 30 Rock.

Damon’s guest stint will reunite the Oscar winner with - his co-star on both The Departed and The Good Shepherd.

No details on his role have yet been revealed. Matt will reportedly appear sometime toward the end of the season.

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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel and the Handsome Men’s Club

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Whether you’re watching it for the first time, or for the fifth time—this is some funny s**t.

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards special, the host gave us an inside look at the HMC, a.k.a. the Handsome Men’s Club.

Several items were on the agenda during the club’s meeting yesterday. Are Robert Pattinson and Taylor worthy of induction—or are they merely cute? (The Office‘s John Krasinksi already fills the club’s “cute” quota.) Should be allowed to change his name to “Handsome” Hawke? (Answer: Yes.) Is Jimmy Kimmel good-looking enough to even be in the club—let alone be it’s president?

Find out what happens - and who betrays Kimmel - in the video above.

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VIDEO: Matt Damon Loses Bet, Imitates McConaughey

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Whether or not you care for the game, there’s one good thing that comes out of football season. No - not the : the bets.

During his appearance last night on Letterman, Oscar nominee - who is a huge New England Patriots fan - explained why he was sporting a New Orleans Saints jersey for his visit. (And we thought Anthony Mackie had it bad in The Hurt Locker.)

To cap off the hilarious chat, the Invictus star gave us something even better than his South African accent—the !

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Casting Corner: Desperate Housewives, The Mentalist and More

Eric McCormackMatt Damon

Here’s a quick look at some of the casting announcements made recently:

Desperate Housewives: Wondering what Susan’s daughter has been up to recently? Well, you will soon find out. Julie Mayer (Andrea Bowen) will be returning to Wisteria Lane next year…for probably more than just a quick visit. The network has confirmed that Julie, who was most most recently seen dating her professor, will at least be back for the September 27 premiere. (Sources say she will become a series regular.) Meanwhile, another young lady has been granted an extended stay. Maiara Walsh, who played Carlos’ niece Ana Solis, will be around to give Gaby grief for the entire season.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Response to the Sarah Silverman, Matt Damon Video

On a special post-Oscar show, late night host issued a response to the now classic Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon video.  (If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here.)

Although it wasn’t nearly as funny as the original creation, the video did have some choice cameos:

Late Night Hilarity: Silverman’s Special Gift to Jimmy Kimmel

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Last night, ! celebrated its five year anniversary on .  To help mark the occasion, comedienne presented a very special message to her long-time boyfriend: