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Celebrity Rehab Presents: More Misbehaving Celebs

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That’s right: VH1’s Celebrity Rehab spin-off, , premiered last night. All the faces but one were very familiar to faithful Rehab viewers, and sadly little else has changed, either.

Most of the Sober House participants were released from Rehab just one week prior to their arrival in a clean living “facility” (which, oh yeah, is really a beautiful mansion in the Hollywood Hills). But for some, perhaps one week was a little too long.

Amber Smith, Mary Carey, Shifty Binzer, Nikki McKibbin and Rodney King arrived at the house without incident. , ex-Guns n Roses drummer, did not. Adler showed up very obviously loaded (that’s slang for under the influence of substances) and packing drug paraphernalia. House manager Jennifer Gimenez, freaked out, called Dr. Drew Pinksy.

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The Rehab Reunion: Where Are They Now?

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Celebrity Rehab - Dr. DrewFrom the first moment I saw with Dr. Drew, I was hooked. While celebrities struggled with the demons of their own addictions, I developed a new one of my own. Ever the cynic, I’m the first one to cry false when it comes to reality TV…but I can’t do that with this show. Infinitely touching, sad, happy, provocative, evocative, it’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen. So where was I Thursday night when the celebrities joined together six months after their televised project to talk about their recoveries? Naturally, I was glued to the TV. And if you missed it, I suggest you put everything else on hold until you catch up.

The absence of two - former contestant Jessica Sierra and famous brother Daniel Baldwin - was immediately apparent, though not addressed until the show was almost over. Statistically, only one in ten of them will successfully cease their addictions even after the intensive rehabilitation they all faced. Of the cast, only four suffered no serious relapses with their addictions.

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Five Best Moments from ‘Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew’

Dr. Drew PinskyLast Thursday night, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon my latest reality obsession.  Surprisingly, it lacked a competition element and it, thankfully, didn’t compete with .  (Though it does have a connection to it).  My current must see fave?  .

Given my predilection for Train Wreck television, the series immediately had one thing going for it.  But I like to think my voyeuristic eye is drawn toward things with a bit more substance, and this show filled that role quite nicely.  Rehab combines the grittiness of A&E’s fabulous , the B-list comedy of VH1’s , the hopefulness of NBC’s and the frank, yet informative, talk usually seen from Oprah’s .  The nice whole package was then topped off with the appealing and non-judgmental presence of Dr. Drew Pinsky.

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