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American Idol 10: Los Angeles Auditions

Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson

American Idol opened with a recap of the singers we’ve seen so far this season, hyping them as “some of the best talent” the show has seen. After a decade, they still can’t come up with a new line. The city on Thursday’s episode was Los Angeles, and Randy Jackson wore his gold shoes to celebrate.

The online auditioners were sent to Los Angeles this year as well. As we reported, the show teamed with MySpace (because that’s not old and tired at all) to become more accessible than ever. Did it make a bit of difference?

Not with the first audition. The show started off on a rough note, with Steven Tyler predicting the first singer would go to Siberia.

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Glee Cast Taking the Show on the Road

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Glee cast

The White House won’t be the only location welcoming the Glee cast this year. Later this spring, members of the FOX series will be following in the footsteps of their American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance predecessors. That’s right—they’ll be going on tour.

Residents near Phoenix (May 18), Los Angeles (May 20-21), Chicago (May 25- 26) and New York (May 28-29) will get to see the entertainers perform a number of fan favorites including “Don’t Stop Believin,”  “Somebody To Love,” “Jump,” “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and “Sweet Caroline.”

Those scheduled to make the road trip are , Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Mark Salling, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, Harry Shum, Jr. and Dijon Talton.

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American Idol 9: Los Angeles Auditions

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The Rose Bowl saw ten thousand would-be s on Tuesday’s audition installment of Season 9. The goal of this audition round is to get to Hollywood, but these LA auditions were held right in the shadow of the famed sign. Their journey would be shorter in travel-time, but the competitors would still have to get past the judges to get their shot at fame. Avril Lavigne was the guest judge on Day 1, one of the few guest panelists in Idol history who is still young enough to compete on the show (if she wasn’t already, of course, a huge pop superstar in her own right).

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American Idol 9: Auditions Dates Announced

If there are going to be any changes at the judges’ table this year, I’m guessing we’ll learn about them soon. Believe it or not, we are now less than two weeks away from the start of Season 9 auditions.

American Idol logoAre you older than 15 and younger than 30? If so, here are the locations you should start buying tickets for now.

  • June 14: Boston
  • June 18: Atlanta
  • June 22: Chicago
  • June 26: Dallas
  • June 30: Los Angeles
  • July 9: Orlando
  • July 15: Denver

(Make sure to check out our other American Idol 9 posts.)

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Audition Dates for So You Think You Can Dance Season 6

So You Think You Can Dance logo

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed. Season 6 will air this fall shortly after Season 5’s summer run.

Even though we are still a week away from the fifth season premiere of , audition dates for Season 6 have already been announced. (Does this mean we’ll be seeing two installments a year like Dancing with the Stars? Please??)

At this time only four cities have been announced, but additional locales are expected:

  • May 28: Boston, MA
  • June 1: Atlanta, GA
  • June 12: Los Angeles, CA
  • July 24: Salt Lake City, UT

More information can be found on the show’s website. Those who’d rather watch and not perform should tune in Thursday, May 21 when the series kicks off its summer run.

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America’s Got Talent Audition Dates

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America's Got Talent judges

Do you have a cute kid who can sing the Star Spangled Banner? Are you a cell phone salesmen with an operatic voice? Can you crush melons with your breasts? If so, you might just have what it takes to get before the judges of .

In the next few months, producers will be hitting nine stops in preparation for Season 4. The cities included in this year’s round of auditions are Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, Austin, Boston, Miami, New York City and Seattle. Los Angeles, the first location on the tour, will welcome the NBC program on January 29th.

You can click here for more information.

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So You Think You Can Dance Audition Info

So You Think You Can Dance

Did American Idol‘s premiere make you yearn for a different talent show? Do you find yourself inspired while watching ? If so, these audition dates might be for you.

Starting next month, the producers of will be hitting up the following cities in hopes of finding Season 5’s Joshua Allen.

  • February 3: Miami, FL
  • February 12: Los Angeles, CA
  • March 12: Denver, CO
  • March 16: Memphis, TN
  • March 28: Seattle, WA

More information can be found on the show’s website.

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MTV Hills Crew Terrorizes Hollywood Residents

No peace and quiet in Hollywood!

MTV cannot simply settle for irking television viewers like myself with their silly reality shows. They apparently have to frustrate poor Hollywood resident civilians, too.

Filming their prized “reality” stint, The Hills cast and crew have wreaked havoc among their Hollywood neighbors.

As if the unwanted paparazzi crews are not enough of a nuisance, the filming crew apparently takes up most of the street with their equipment trucks, leaving bright lights shining on the house until late at night when the socialites are not even home!

Not surprisingly, despite these and many more claims, an MTV spokesperson defends the production: “MTV is in accordance with all required production permits, and is working with the city of Los Angeles to assist it with neighborhood concerns that have been raised.”

They sure are good liars over there at MTV.

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Access Hollywood

Project Runway Goes LA

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DescriptionApparently supermodels really like a good change.

First, Tyra Banks decided to move her daytime talk fest from Los Angeles to New York.  Now, is scheduled to do the exact opposite.  Though in the latter case, the switch will not be permanent.

According to Entertainment Weekly, ‘s sixth outing will be split between NYC and LA.  This city-hopping move will apparently accommodate Klum’s personal and work schedules much better (but make everyone else’s a living hell).  The following year, things will return back to normal in New York.

As for the reality hit’s fifth season - the last one on - that too will still be set in the Big Apple.  That installment can be seen starting this July.

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Entertainment Weekly

Long-Awaited Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion

BTVS Reunion

It has been nearly five years since that fateful May night when BTVS fans witnessed the end of their beloved TV series. The following years, fans have intently watched as their favorite characters have branched off to new projects, leaving little hope of a BTVS movie, which so many “Buffy” lovers have longed and hoped for. Unfortunately, there are still no concrete plans of a movie, but fans have the Paley Center for Media (formerly the Museum of Television and Radio) to be eternally grateful to—they have announced a reunion on Thursday, March 20th at the historic Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, CA!

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