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Celine Dion: That’s Just The Woman In Me

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Celine DionWhen it comes to singer , most people fall into one of two categories: the ‘It’s the soundtrack of my life’ group or the ‘Please God, make it stop…MAKE IT STOP’ group. There is a third, smaller category of people though who don’t care one way or another about her music but just enjoy how delightfully, over-the-top cheesy she is. (There is a reason certain celebrities are satirized on .)

Friday night aired Dion’s one-hour primetime special, Celine Dion: That’s Just The Woman In Me.  The show was taped in front of a live audience at Los Angeles’ Wiltern Theatre back on January 12. It was the 5-time Grammy winner’s first concert since wrapping up her 5-year run in Las Vegas.

The title of Celine Dion’s new album, Taking Chances, describes the show fairly well. It was a one hour mix of glitzy dance numbers, power ballads, celebrity duets and cameos, a somewhat staged Q&A session and heck, even an appearance by one of the stars of !

The opening act featured Dion in a sparkly, gold mini-dress in a very Vegas-esque song and dance routine. Her dancing features a lot of little kicks and chest pounding motions. One might describe it as spastic. One might even question why such an accomplished singer needs to be part of such an over-choreographed dance routine. But something about Celine Dion’s sincerity makes the whole scary scene a bit more forgivable.

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Friday Ratings: ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Starts Off Strong

Although CBS has typically had a strong Friday night lineup, last night’s balance of power shifted toward its 8pm hour.




  • (9.91 million, 2.8/9 in 18-49) was a close second to Ghost Whisperer.
  • (7.04 million, 1.9/6) and (7.04 million, 1.8/6) were even with each other.

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The Programming Insider

Friday Ratings: Another Victory for the CBS Lineup

A strong Women’s Murder Club couldn’t take down the Three by itself.




  • (9.24 million, 2.3/7 in 18-49 age group) easily won in both viewers and demos.
  • (7.41 million, 2.1/6) was slightly down from last Friday.
  • was up almost 1 million from its performance last week.

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Programming Insider

Friday Ratings: ‘Numb3rs’ Reclaims Top Spot

Although ABC’s Women’s Murder Club put up a good fight, CBS’s Numb3rs took back its Friday night crown.

Ghost Whisperer


  • (9.67 million, 2.0/6 in 18-49) was slightly down from last week but remained the most-watched show at 9pm.
  • CBS’s (7.8 million, 2.1/7) outdid ABC in the demos.
  • (5.5 million, 1.9/6) had more spectators compared to last week.


  • The numbers were in favor of (9.72 million, 2.7/9 in 18-49 demo); the show had the best audience and demos of the evening.
  • (2.1/7) pulled in second that hour with 7.51 million viewers.
  • (1.7/5) capped the hour at 6.42 million.

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Friday Ratings: ‘Women’s Murder Club’ Has Strong Debut

Although it wasn’t the most watched network, ABC had the most watched show of the night: Women’s Murder Club.

Women's Murder Club

  • (10.2 million, 2.4/8 share in 18-49 demo) was the hour’s most watched show.
  • (8.8 million, 2.4/9) held steady from last week.
  • FOX’s Major League Baseball game (2.3/8) attracted 7.46 million fans.
  • In its new time slot, (5.6 million, 1.6/6) pulled in fourth.


  • ABC’s (2.5/8 in 18-49) drew 10.8 million total viewers.  The show also saw the network’s best demo performance in this hour since May 2006.
  • (7.3 million, 2.0/6) was down almost 1 million from last week.
  • (5.42 million,1.7/5) was down 6.5 million from its debut.


CBS’ ‘Numb3rs’ Helps Friday Ratings Race

CBS easily won an evening that saw a large number of reruns.  A victory night not come so easily next week when two more ABC shows (, ) begin.


  • Up against a repeat of (4.3 million), improved up on last week’s premiere and won the hour with 8.7 million viewers (2.4/8 in the 18-49 demo).


  • With 8.3 million viewers, CBS’ (2.2/7 in 18-49) was the hour’s winner.
  • The critically-acclaimed (6.5 million, 2.2/7) gained 200,000 viewers from last season’s finale and tied in the key demos.
  • A rerun of drew 4.9 million; a second-showing of saw 3.3 million.

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This Week on TV (9/24-9/30)

Heroes Masi Oka


MONDAY (9/24)
  • Chuck (NBC, 8pm):  Series premiere
  • Dancing With the Stars (ABC, 8pm):  Special 1.5 hour season premiere.  Let’s start placing bets now!
  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8pm):  Mandy Moore guest-stars in the season premiere.  Also,  what will happen to Ted and Robin?
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8:30pm):  Welcome the reunion of Roseanne’s Darlene and David.
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS, 9pm):  Season premiere
  • Heroes (NBC, 9pm):  Season premiere.  Rumor has it someone could be leaving the show very soon.
  • Rules of Engagement (CBS, 9:30pm):  Season premiere
  • The Bachelor (ABC, 9:30pm):  Special 1.5 hour premiere.  Apparently Brad Womack has a twin brother.  Am I the only one wondering if they traded places during the show?
  • Journeyman (NBC, 10pm):  Series premiere
  • CSI: Miami (CBS, 10pm):  Season premiere

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TV on DVD:  September 18, 2007

Jennifer Love HewittHere are some of the TV-on-DVD options you can find on the shelves this Tuesday:

  • Brothers & Sisters (Season 1)
  • Ghost Whisperer (Season 2)
  • Boston Legal (Season 3)
  • Stargate Atlantis (Season 3)
  • Family Guy (Volume 5)
  • Smallville (Season 6)
  • Married With Children (Season 7)
  • Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 9)

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Fall 2007 TV Programming Schedule

Despite having a Tivo and another DVR, I know that a new television season can take some serious planning.  When will your favorite shows start?  What days are they now on?  Which programming ‘conflicts’ will you have to resolve?  Will you need to buy another TV???

Hopefully our detailed scheduling guide can assist you in the weeks to come.  We have compiled information from five different networks (, , , and ) and included the days, times and premiere dates for this fall’s shows.

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