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First Look: Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Lopez on HIMYM


I can almost hear Britney Spears saying it right now: “This How I Met Your Mother show is so fun, y’all. You should try acting on it too!”

In the next few weeks, the CBS comedy will be welcoming a few more of the music industry’s biggest names. First up, .

Although she sings about cheating men when she’s on the stage, Underwood’s pharmaceutical sales rep character is the one who may be stringing Ted (Josh Radnor) along. You can see more clips from that March 1 appearance - including Carrie dressed as a flight attendant and a cavewoman - after the jump.

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Lots and Lots of Glee Spoilers!

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Entertainment Weekly pinned down producer Ryan Murphy at the Golden Globes and got him to spill a ton of secrets on upcoming episodes of the hit series.

Will knowing what’s coming help you deal with Glee withdrawals…or make the longing that much more acute? Either way, keep reading to get all the spoilers.

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AMAs: East Coast vs. West Coast Experience

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If you live on the West Coast, you missed seeing J-Lo …not to mention a few other things. Because of the time difference, a few changes could be implemented for the AMAs as seen in California, a distinctly more polished version than the broadcast spied in the East.

Some of the saltier moments could certainly stand the editing which followed for PST viewers, but Jennifer Lopez getting tripped up? Why should such a moment be hidden from a portion of the watching audience? Well, the answer seems simple enough - to make J-Lo look good. According to ABC, “We did not expect the impromptu moment in question,” well, I should say so. “Execs and producers felt it was respectful to Ms. Lopez to edit the mishap for later time zones.”

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On the Red Carpet at the Video Music Awards

MTV’s s celebrate everything young, fun and fresh in the music industry…and this creates a wide range of fashion possibilities on the awards carpet. Who managed to capture the spirit of the evening in something formal, flattering and still fitting to the occasion….and who managed to fail on all counts?

Go on the red carpet of the Video Music Awards to find out.

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2009 Golden Globe Awards

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Golden Globe

One year after a strike-induced absence, the drinking resumed. Although the drew its usual set of followers tonight, this year’s program carried even more significance than usual. The reason? Heath Ledger.

With or without the Dark Knight nomination, the ceremony would have been interesting. Was this going to be the year a film about an Indian game show (Slumdog Millionaire) won top prize? Would either Meryl Streep (Mamma Mia, Doubt) or Kate Winslet (Revolutionary Road, The Reader) walk away with two awards? Could ‘s comeback performance in The Wrestler earn him a surprise win over Sean Penn (Milk)?

To find out the answer to these questions (and many more), you can read our detailed coverage after the jump!

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Jennifer Lopez Cancels on Project Runway Judging

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Jennifer LopezAs they say, the show must go on.

The producers of Project Runway had planned to introduce another surprise judge for this season’s upcoming. And thanks to an interesting twist of fate, they now will.

As rumored, fashionista had been scheduled to play guest judge for the show’s Fashion Week finale. (Her appearance would have followed the job done by Victoria Beckham in Season 4.) Unfortunately, a last-minute foot injury forced the style icon to bow out of today’s taping.

It’s not known whether the injury was somehow related to Lopez’ current triathlon training. It also wasn’t made clear why Jennifer couldn’t still judge while sitting down.

Fortunately for the producers, they didn’t have to go far to find a knowledgeable replacement. For the first time in five installments, mentor will be given his chance to have a say in the final selection.

Now, really—wasn’t this the way it should have been anyway?

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Small Screen Adaptations: Witches of Eastwick, Maid in Manhattan

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The Witches of EastwickMaid in Manhattan

Just when I thought ABC was making huge strides with programs like , the network decides to take a few creative steps back.

In the past week, it’s been announced that two motion pictures may be adapted for the small screen.

On Monday, Variety reported that John Updike’s novel about three witches (and a devilish man) may be getting new life. The Witches of Eastwick - which later became a 1987 film starring Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cher - is now being redeveloped into a television pilot.

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Another Death Affects ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Family

DescriptionAnother week, another unfortunate story for the participants of

Early this morning, 90-year-old father, George, passed away.  Just last night, was on talking about a large family reunion scheduled for later this week.  Members of the 125-member clan were being flown into Chicago for a special appearance on .  Friday’s episode is now currently up in the air (as is Marie’s attendance on tonight’s DWTS results show).

This news comes one month after Jane Seymour’s mother died in England.  Marie Osmond often commented that she and Jane had bonded over this tragedy; Marie lost her own mother, Olive, just three years ago.

Of course, bad news has not been limited to the dancers on the show—several DWTS performers have experienced family emergencies as well.  Gloria Estefan cancelled her performance last month after her mother suffered an intestinal rupture.  The following week, Jennifer Lopez was forced to adjust her taping schedule when her grandmother passed away.

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Sabrina Bryan Confirms ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Romance

Sabrina BryanLet’s just call it the worst-kept secret since pregnancy.

On last week’s elimination show, viewers heard drop the words ‘love’ and ‘baby’ when referring to partner .  The audience also witnessed a suspiciously tight embrace when the did their final dance.  And while anyone could have smelled a romance a mile away, Sabrina and Mark spent the whole week dodging coupledom questions (while holding hands) on the various talk shows.  Thankfully, TV Guide has ferreted out the truth putting the rumors to rest once and for all:  Sabrina and Mark are dating!!! 

Now can I go back to being -ignorant again?

(Click below to read more of TV Guide’s exclusive interview with Bryan.)

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Will J.Lo and Epic Records Part Ways?

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Jennifer Lopez in VersaceRumor has it that may soon be in the market for a new record label, as sources purportedly close to Epic Records say the diva’s album sales aren’t doing well. Couple sinking sales with the expenses related to Lopez promotions, and you’re looking at one angry label. According to the source, her last album cost over $60,000 – for the cover alone.

Epic absorbs the cost of Lopez’s promotional expenses as well, which supposedly cost $8,000 in makeup per appearance. Are you flipping kidding me? Eight large on makeup for a woman that everyone already thinks is hot? No wonder Epic is tired of J.Lo’s epic spending.

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