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TV on DVD: August 26, 2008

Here are some of the options available this Tuesday.

Entourage Season 4 DVD

  • Battle 360 (Season 1)
  • Dirty Jobs (Collection 3)
  • Dog The Bounty Hunter: The Best Of (Season 4)
  • Doug (Season 1)
  • Entourage (Season 4)
  • Everybody Hates Chris (Season 3)
  • Heroes (Season 2)
  • NCIS (Season 5)
  • One Tree Hill (Season 5)
  • The Shield (Season 6)
  • UFO Hunters (Season 1)
  • The Untouchables (Season 2, Vol. 2)

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Another Veronica Mars Cast Member Joins Heroes

Francis Capra joins Heroes cast

As always, much has been said here and there about the upcoming, much-anticipated season of Heroes. Thankfully, Kristin over at E! was able to throw us a bone this past week.

She confirms that former Veronica Mars star Francis Capra has signed on for at least three episodes on NBC’s hit show as a thug… with (of course) a power. Sad but as always, Kristin (nor anyone else for that matter) is keeping his power under wraps.

Many fans of Veronica Mars are excited to see Capra and former co-star Kristen Bell on the small screen again. E! does confirm that the pair will share at least one scene together.

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E! Online

The CW Fails to Sell, Continues With Youth

The CW continues to attract youth

Not only do television stations have to deal with battling technology nowadays, but they also have been fighting another war when it comes to selling ads. Unfortunately for the CW, it seems to be losing quite a bit on both fronts, selling nearly 40% less of prime time ads than they did the previous year.

The drop in sales is not merely from the drop in ratings this year (down 23%)—in actuality, it may be largely due to the fact that the troubled station has cut down its programming from 15 to 10 hours a week, eliminating Sunday night from their lineup. Marketing was, however, able to sell 8% more in ad prices compared to last year, solely relying upon its appeal to younger audiences with shows like Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Model, and the upcoming Beverly Hills 90210 remake. With their break from WWE, the CW will have to pray that more pre-teen girls jump on board to watching their shows to cover the lack of ratings pull Smackdown received.

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Los Angeles Times

Possible Extended Season for Heroes

Heroes, cheerleaderAlthough last year’s cut many production schedules in half, the work stoppage may actually create a scheduling windfall for viewers next season.

When debuted in September, the series was originally slated to deliver 24 episodes.  Unfortunately, fans were left with only 11 by the time the saga ended.  (Given the dipping ratings, maybe some time off was really in the drama’s best interest.)  According to Entertainment Weekly, the shortened calendar may now translate into an extended 2008-09 season.  It’s possible we may see up to 35 episodes next fall.

Those of you still wanting to catch up better mark your calendars now.  Heroes will kick off its return with a three-hour event on Monday, September 15.

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Entertainment Weekly

Schedule Changes for Lost, How I Met Your Mother, House

In the past few days, more scheduling announcements have been made to mess with our heads.  While all the changes have been reflected in our convenient Post-Strike Television Schedule, here are a few of the highlights.

Josh Duhamel, Las Vegas

  • It’s been made official: Come April 24, will move from 9pm to 10pm on Thursdays.  This change will make room for the returns of Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty in their old slots.  (What this means for Eli Stone’s future is unclear.)
  • When returns on March 17th, it will be trading time slots with The Big Bang Theory.  (Mother will air @ 8:30, Bang @ 8:00.)  Meanwhile, the fate of the Neil Patrick Harris comedy beyond this season is still undecided.
  • Monday night will eventually become a new home for Bones and House will begin airing new episodes on that day come April 14; Hugh Laurie and the gang will start anew on April 28 @ 9pm.
  • Certain shows like , Bionic Woman, Big Shots and Life is Wild have not been not granted post-strike episodes because they are not being renewed.  At all.
  • Other programs like , Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Private Practice won’t be seen again until next year.

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TV Guide

Three Cheers for Hayden Panettiere

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: NBC, Heroes, Gossip,

Hayden PanettiereThough she’s known today for her role on ’s , Hayden Panettiere first captured attention as a cute cheerleader in the franchise.  (Stars and are also associated with the cheer-full movies.) Now, she’s potentially starring in the movie of …but she’ll still play a cheerleader.

This film already has a director for the project, but now it needs a star. If talks go well, will be in full cheer uniform and star in the title role, the High School girl every boy wants but one nerd manages to win. Fellow student and Beth-obsessed Dennis Cooverman makes her the subject of his graduation speech, and the two embark upon a tale of touching teen romance.

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Hollywood Reporter

2008 Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations (TV)

Take note.  If you want to see your favorite actors and actresses lined up in their finest, this may be the gala to watch.  Thanks to the relationship between the and the , the 14th Annual SAG Awards presentation will be allowed to go on as planned.  (The same cannot currently be said of the or the .)  So set your Tivo to on January 27.  This may be last time you get to see a group of actors celebrating together for quite some time.

This year’s television nominees are:


  • James Gandolfini, The Sopranos (HBO)
  • Michael C. Hall, Dexter (Showtime)
  • Jon Hamm, Mad Men (AMC)
  • Hugh Laurie, House (FOX)
  • James Spader, Boston Legal (ABC)


  • Glenn Close, Damages (FX)
  • Edie Falco, The Sopranos (HBO)
  • Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
  • Holly Hunter, Saving Grace (TNT)
  • Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer (TNT)

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Screen Actors Guild

Monday Ratings: No ‘Dancing’ For ABC on Monday

With powerhouse Dancing With The Stars now gone, Monday night’s ratings were fair game.  Last night and had a share of the spoils.



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Programming Insider

This Week on TV (12/3-12/9)

The Closer


MONDAY (12/3)
  • (TNT, 8pm):  The special two-hour holiday episode brings Brenda’s parents into the investigative fold.  Nothing says Christmas like talking blood with your blood.
  • (NBC, 9pm):  (NOTE:  This is the last new episode left.)  ‘Peter squares off against former friends thanks to Adam’s confusing story about the Shanti virus.’  He shouldn’t fault Adam; the confusing storyline is to blame.
  • (FOX, 9pm):  ‘Boulet and Cobb investigate an insurance adjuster’s murder.’  As if there weren’t enough people in New Orleans with a motive.
  • (NBC, 10pm): (First half of the two-parter; 2nd half airs Wednesday).  ‘Evidence points to Reese’s father in the murders that sent Crews to prison.’  I’m guessing this won’t be resolved anytime soon…otherwise, we wouldn’t have a show.

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Monday Ratings: ABC and CBS Share the Evening

Although powerhouse DWTS gave a slight advantage with the viewers, still eked out a tie in the demos.




  • (5.0/11 in 18-49) topped the hour with 15.3 million.
  • Now directly up against Men, (12.6 million, 4.1/9) had to settle for 2nd.
  • The saga (5.3/12) continued with 11.9 million fans.
  • The season premiere of (8.2 million, 2.9/7) lost a good chunk of its lead-in.
  • (1.0/2) rounded off the hour with 2.28 million; (1.4/3) did slightly better with 2.8 million.


  • (4.6/12 in 18-49 demo) smoked the competition with 15.4 million.
  • NBC’s (6.2 million, 2.5/6) lost about 1/2 of Heroes’ numbers.
  • The Monday-night premiere of (6 million, 2.3/6) was barely noticed.