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HBO Offers Free Access to Obama’s Opening Ceremony

Barack ObamaUPDATE: You can find a list of performers for that HBO program here.

Although most of us are currently without tickets for ‘s big day, those with cable or satellite service will have front row seats to the first major event of Inauguration Week.

On January 18, HBO will exclusively air the festivities from the Lincoln Memorial. The program is expected to be filled with A-list performers including a rumored appearance from Bruce Springsteen. Unlike the channel’s coverage back in 1993 (when Bill Clinton was welcomed into office), the 90-minute event will also be open to non-subscribers.

On Monday the 19th, the Disney Channel will be the sole broadcaster of “Kids’ Inaugural: We Are the Future.” The event honoring military families will be attended by and Jill Biden. Then on Tuesday the 20th, ABC will have exclusive access to “The Neighborhood Ball: An Inauguration Celebration.” That is where the Obamas are expected to perform their first dance of the evening.

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Watch Flight of the Conchords’ Season 2 Premiere Now

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If you’re anticipating the next season as much as you are Christmas, you can unwrap that present now.

Although the HBO series doesn’t officially launch until January 18, Season 2’s premiere officially debuted today on Funny or Die. This marks the first time the site has aired a full-length television show.

The episode - which can also be seen above - will only be available via Funny or Die through December 21st. After that date, it can then be found on HBO.com, iTunes and HBO’s YouTube channel.

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Shows Planning a Return in 2009

Kathy Griffin

While it’s probably be safe to assume that Fringe and 90210 would both be handed 2009 renewal notices - especially since they’ve already been given full season orders - this television season is still far too young.

Here is, though, what we do know already about next year’s programming calendar:

  • Big Brother (CBS) - Season 11
  • Entourage (HBO) - Season 6
  • Flashpoint (CBS) - Season 2
  • Here Come the Newlyweds (ABC) - Season 2
  • Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo) - Season 5
  • My Boys (TBS) - Season 3
  • Sons of Anarchy (FX) - Season 2
  • True Blood (HBO) - Season 2

New HBO Series Offering a Grim Future?

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Old Glory

U.S. homeowners are facing crisis. The American economy is failing. The time-honored tradition of the Presidential debates has become little more than a clever PR tactic, and we’re in the middle of one of the most intense election years the States have ever known. If you’re among those who think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, or even if you’re not, ’s new futuristic series may just appeal to you. It could also offer a not-so far-fetched look at our potential future.

In Americatown, the world has advanced 25 to 40 years into the future (the exact year remains unclear), and the great country of America has weathered at least one too many massive catastrophes. In the series, the decline of the country has sparked massive immigration that gives rise to Americatowns all over the world. Think Chinatown, with buffalo wings and beer.

“By presenting Americans as immigrants in the near future, as both underdog and hero in the drama of global dislocation, we substitute a mirror for the rancor that informs much of the partisan debates on immigration,” said series writer Bradford Winters.

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The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards

60th Primetime Emmy Awards logo

Even though the previous television season was marred by the annoying writers’ strike, I find myself really excited for the . Not only will this ceremony give us a chance to start anew, it’ll be the academy’s chance to celebrate what’s new.

Tonight, two basic cable shows (Damages, Mad Men) will get a chance to win for Outstanding Drama Series. (That would be an Emmy first.) Meanwhile, nominees in several categories will have an opportunity to compete in a Sopranos-less environment. An added bonus? A new category. This year, reality show hosts will finally be acknowledged for their programming contributions as well.

So who won? Who lost? Who ran up and grabbed the award even though they didn’t win? Read our West Coast play-by-play account of this evening’s telecast and find out!

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Preview of True Blood: HBO’s New Vampire Series

True Blood

In the past year, we’ve seen the fan hysteria behind Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and the cancellation of the loved-but-not-watched series . Now, we’ll get to see if another vampire-related project will be as successful as the former or as neglected as the latter.

Later this week, will introduce the latest entry in the blood-sucking genre. In True Blood, the newest creation from writer/producer/director Alan Ball (Six Feet Under), vampires are able to co-exist with humans. A synthetic supply of the red stuff allows them to feed without necessarily needing to hunt.

After the jump, you can see the moment when Sookie Stackhouse (Oscar-winner Anna Paquin) meets 173-year-old Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) for the very first time.

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Casting Corner: Lipstick Jungle, Army Wives, Entourage and More

James CromwellVanessa Marcil

With the new Fall Schedule quickly approaching (Gossip Girl starts this Monday!!!), the casting announcements have been coming fast and furious.

Here’s just a quick look at some of stars hitting your TVs this season:

My Own Worst Enemy: Last year on 24, he gave son Jack Bauer a very hard time. Now he’s moved on to his next victim. In My Own Worst Enemy, James Crowell - who can be seen later this year in Oliver Stone’s W. - will play the head of the secret agency that rules Christian Slater’s life. Enemy premieres Oct. 13.

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Entourage Available on iTunes

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EntourageAfter four years on air, fans will finally be getting another way to watch the cable series.

As of today, Seasons 1 and 2 of the comedy have already been available to iTunes users. The third season will hit the online market on August 18; the fourth arrives the week after that.

If you’re hoping iTunes can spare you from subscribing to , you may be out of luck. If you want to watch your episodes in a timely fashion, you’ll have to cough up the dough. While Season 5 will eventually be available for download, it won’t be placed online until the DVD’s release.

Mark your calendars for the crew’s return on September 7.

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TV on DVD: August 12, 2008

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Here are some of the options available this Tuesday.

The American Mall

Entourage’s New Season Promo

fans, the long wait is almost over. Although we’ve grown accustomed to seeing our Boys of Summer sometime in June, last year’s writers strike forced us to endure more reality fare than anyone should be subjected to.

Those of you - like me - who’ve been waiting to renew your subscription, here’s a teaser you’ve missing.

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